Saturday, March 26, 2011

Give Love a (Second) Chance

Today is the tenth day for me working at Central Market. Haven't been blogging since, although I go to the cybercafe almost every night. OK la jugakk... (sedapkan hati). The people are very nice and friendly. Tapi yg malas tu ada jugak munyit2 mo mengurat. Kalau hensem tiapa. Hehe macam la cantik bah. :P My new colleagues are Auntie Joanne, she's 63 years old, and Estrella. But Auntie Joanne doesn't look 63. She doesn't even have one single grey hair. Well, actually I saw one today. Haha. Most of the time I'll be at Coco Shop with Auntie Joanne, while Estrella takes care of Log Art Gallery. I'll only go to the gallery to replace Estrella when she goes to the loo or when she's on her day off. Working here actually teaches me to be grateful for what I have. Yeah... I know... I had been ungrateful before. But... There's nothing wrong with wanting something better, something more kan? Yup. Ndak salah. But yg sudah salah tu ialah my planning. Haha. Biarlah. Apa yg jadi suda jadi kan. Manada button rewind dalam life. It just goes on. It never waits. Humph... Today I went to another interview for Higher Education Editor position at Oxford Fajar. Jauh lagi tu di Shah Alam. Teda bas langsung masuk. Kena naik cab pegi balik RM12. Humph... Rasa macam ndak dapat oh... Sebab they're looking for someone who's familiar with business management/accountancy books. Urgh. Ndak pa la... At least I tried... *sighs*

Hmmmm........... There's something really important that I need to write here. So that I'll never forget. On 24th of March 2011, at exactly 12am, AA texted me using his brother's phone number saying "I have no control, i love u-ian curtis". O, M, G. Punyala aku men hepiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! I am sooooo thankful to God, because he's giving in to his feelings for me finally. Woohoo! Hepi sampai kuar air mata jooo... Mimang tekejut la kan ndak sangka2. I wonder if it had anything to do with me deactivating my FB account. Saja jak bah aku deactivate... Sebab malas aku. Aku mo avoid post benda yg bukan2 lagi. Nanti ntah apa2 lagi aku cakap. Yg ndak besnya, orang slalunya ndak faham what I really mean... Walaupun most of the time aku straightforward. Um... Tu la aku deactivate tu. Malas. Biarla dulu. Yeah... I am falling in love with him... At first... Berat mulut and hati aku mo cakap tu perkataan lagi. Sebab... Natau la. Mo cakap takut bukan, tapi macam namau bah. Refused. Ya refused is the right word. I refused to say that I love him at first. But last2, I gave in. Because... It's obvious man. I am falling for him! Asyik ingat diaaaaaa jak. Mana2 aku pusing pun nampak dia, fikir dia. Budu tul oh... Nasib jugak kerja di CM ni helps take my mind off him. But just for a while la. But that's enough. At least ndakla aku nangis2 jak saturang di bilik cam orang gilak. I'm not sure if he feels the same way. Since what happened, aku cam anu ni... Fobia sikit... Afraid of rejection! Suda pun actually admit sama dia but... Dia cam namau jak mula2 tu. So aku diam jak la... Tu la ndak sangka2, tu hari dia msg gitu... Thank you God for bringing him back to me. Take it slow la from here... Namau rush2... Takut. Um. Well... There is one more thing that I need to write about actually. But... Nanti la dulu... Keep it first. Um. BTW, discovered a new song just now! Pretty cool! \m/(^__^)\m/

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