Monday, March 12, 2012

Blogging in between ticket clearing

Sekarang rasa macam menyesal plak stop blogging. My life for the past 11 months was not recorded anywhere!! I didn't even write about it in my diary anymore. Since what happened between me and Ally. He was the reason I started blogging, but I stopped since I lost interest in the puppy-love-kind-of-thing-relationship. The saddest thing is, we stopped being friends too. Uh... Sigh. Benda paling bodoh aku pernah buat in my life so far was getting back with Nasik. Shit. I knew I was making the biggest, stupidest, dumbest mistake, tapi I don't know why I carried on with him. Shit tu lelaki. Tinggal dua hari lagi mo jumpa mama bapa aku, aku dapat tau dari tu perempuan that they WERE and now ARE still together. Dua2 pun cakap dorang bukan boleh pakai. Ceh. Kawin jak la ba kamu. TAPI NDA PAYAH LA BAGITAU AKU BAH BABI!!!! TAU KA HATI AKU PUN PANDAI SAKIT JUGAKKKKKKK??????? SIAL BUANG DUIT N MASA AKU JAK SELAMA NI!!!!! But in the end, I have no one else left to blame. It WAS my own fault. Ndapalah. Human beings are bound to make mistakes in life. And from mistakes, we learn, right? I do hope I learned my lesson well. And I pray to Allah that I will never repeat this kind of stupid mistake again. Gosh. Speaking of which, I forgot Zohor prayer....... :-( Camana nie...........? It's 6.18pm now.......... Astaghfirullahala'zim............... May Allah forgive my sins...................

To be continued.

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