Friday, March 16, 2012

Feeling Restless

Ah. Finally found a new blog template that I really like to replace the earlier one that I used. Ntah apa jadi sama yg mula2 tu, tapi nasib baik la. This one is BETTER!!! :D Today I went out to have lunch with my dearest friend cum colleague, Siti at Kenny Rogers, Amcorp Mall and we stayed there to do our work. Before leaving the mall, I bought a book entitled "Die a Little" by Megan Abbot (for ONLY RM9.90!!!) as well as two movie DVDs, Restless and This Must Be the Place. I haven't watched the latter yet.
Annabel & Enoch
Well, basically Restless is about a young boy, Enoch, who met Annabel, a young girl (who was dying of brain tumor) at a memorial service and they eventually fell in love. Enoch has a ghost friend named Hiroshi, a Japanese kamikaze pilot who died during the World War II. Enoch lost his parents in a terrible car accident and since then lived with his aunt. Annabel's death was for me rather unexpected as I was actually hoping that she would get better during the whole process of the movie watching. OK, I know I'm not so good at this, but from my own understanding, I think the movie is about accepting death as part of life. It is also about letting go of those who have died and that we must carry on with our lives. Yeah, I know it's easy for me to say as I have never experienced such loss yet. Putus cinta pun aku macam si taik apa lagi kalau...... Ah. Don't wanna go there. Alahai. Lapar tul oh perut. Menyesal ni nda beli makanan tadi. Urgh. Megi lagi la jawapannya lol. Hish shit jugak ni Umobile ni malar disconnect. Dua kali suda. Orang mo blogging pun susah!! Urgh. OK OK, I'll call it a night then! Happy??? *rolls eyes* humph. Mo masak megi pastue tidur lah. Bisuk kunun mo keluar sama Ally. Ntah la camana plan dorang aku pun nda pasti. Ah lapar!!! OK sebelum tu, lagu dulu! LOL.


  1. Wah a kamikaze pilot ghost friend. Cool hahaha. LOL so cute la ur blog from English switch to Sabahan :P rest well!

  2. the kamikaze pilot ghost plays Battleship with Enoch! lol. hee u too babe! tadi konon nak tidur lepas makan megi, but instead saya online lagi pulak. hahaha. nak buat kerja malas plak hahaha.