Friday, March 23, 2012

I've Been Timelined (and RockMelted)

Gahhhh my Facebook has been Timelined!!!! I hate itttttt........ I want the old layout back, but it seems like there is nothing I can do about it. Memang la ada banyak online tutorials on how to remove the Timeline, tapi one of my Facebook friends told me even if we manage to remove the Timeline, everybody else will still view our Facebook page as Timeline. So, macam teda guna jak tu remove. Ndapalah. Lagipun selepas beberapa hari guna Timeline, I don't think it is that bad anyway. N one more thing yg buat aku malas mo remove tu Timeline sebab kalau install tu remover, benda tu boleh access all data in my computer and the websites that I visit. I don't know, but it does sound suspicious. So nda jadi lah remove.  Memang I heard that Facebook IS migrating ALL accounts to Timeline gradually, but I suspect that mine had changed to Timeline automatically after installing RockMelt, which is a new web browser that makes social networking easier. I'm using it now and I love it! Using RockMelt, I can still chat with my Facebook friends, tweet, check email, etc while doing my work without actually signing in to the sites. Users can even choose their favourite theme for the home page. Here's a snapshot of mine. Cute ain't it? :D

The left sidebar shows the applications that I picked, while the right sidebar shows my Facebook buddies. :D I discovered this WOWser when I was looking at my blog stats. I saw that one person viewed my blog using RockMelt. I was curious so I googled it and walah! I think belum ramai lagi orang di Malaysia ni yg guna RockMelt, sebab everyone is asking me about it. Menyesal jugak pi send tu msg to everyone lol. Aku plak yg kena do the explanation now. Some of them even thought that I was the one who created this new browser. I WISH. Hahahahaha. Adakah boleh terfikir sampai camtue sekali. Kalau gitu, mesti la aku ni kaya-raya sudah. LOL. Some of them ada sudah yg installed and loving it too. :) Haha rasa2 jadi trendsetter la ko ni Nurul? Hahaha perasan. But it's nice to think of it that way, right? Lol. OK lah, I have to take a shower now and start working. Wishing myself a great weekend! :D

Read more about RockMelt here.


  1. Timeline Remove .... It works but not on Rockkmelt Browser

  2. Hey Anonymous, thanks for the link. But it's okay, I no longer hate the FB Timeline. :-)