Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Yesterday was my bestie's birthday. Today, she's 32 years, 1 day and 20 hours old. Hehe. As I am currently kind of broke, I only belanja her dinner at Chop & Steak and also bought her a moist chocolate cake (with a cute Happy Birthday candle) :). Her birthday gift is coming soon lol. I should buy a camera lah one of these days... So it will be easy for me to take pictures and post them on my blog. I'll definitely buy one before her wedding day. Yeah of course I'll buy a camera before that day. Don't wanna miss taking the pictures myself. :D Her husband-to-be was her coursemate when we were studying in UPM. The funniest thing is, they never really talked to each other then. Now, they are happily engaged and will tie the knot on June 3, 2012. It all started with Facebook. Don't you think that it is really a curious thing? Relationships begin (and also end) because of Facebook nowadays. (speaking from first-hand experience here lol). It's weird, right? OK, aku bukan mo cakap pasal Facebook. Semua orang tau what happens on Facebook anyway. Haha. Well, I think the relationship that they have is a really innocent one. Why innocent? Well, let me break it down like this.

They dated once ---> A few weeks/months later  he went to her hometown for a meet-and-greet with her family ---> A few weeks/months later they (and me cough cough) went to take kursus kahwin together ---> A few weeks/months later they got engaged ---> To be married in June 2012. Voila! Who would have thought that these two really different people would someday fall in love and build a life together? Itulah yg dipanggil jodoh kan? :)  Well, yeah I hope that she really did find a "Mr Right" in him, and may their relationship lasts until the end. Wishes yg lagi panjang2, I'll save until their wedding day. :)
Happy Birthday Faezah.

lu dah 32 lu dah tuaaaa hahahahaha