Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Is this just PMS?

I am feeling so bored with my life. I am sick of Facebook. I am sick of everything. I need some inspiration, but I lack of it. Maybe I just need to feel loved again? Is that it Nurul? You want to feel loved again? Loneliness sucks. I used to say "Love sucks" and "Lonelines is underrated". What happened to that Nurul? What is wrong with you? Your friends love you, your parents love you, your sisters love you, your brother loves you. Even though they don't say it on a daily basis, or weekly, or monthly, you know deep down in your heart they do. What more could you ask for? I don't know. I am clueless. I am kind of feeling lost. Or am I just having that stupid premenstrual syndrome again? I don't know. But I snapped at almost everything said to me today. Maybe it is PMS. Pfftt...

By the way, Nasik called me this morning. Tiba2. Kononnya untuk bertanya khabar. I told him I'm OK, that all things in my life right now, my job, my health, my state of mind, are all OK. He told me that he had been wanting to call since three or four days ago, but didn't say why he didn't, and that he had a dream about me last night. Yeah, RIGHT. He did apologise about the cake though. Urgh. Do you really have to mention Nasik in ALL of your blog posts Nurul? *rolls eyes*

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