Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Traffic Lights Lullabies

Tonight I learned that traffic lights will never guarantee our safety on the road. Traffic lights will only be useful if EVERYONE would appreciate and understand why traffic lights were invented in the first place more. Traffic lights were built so that the safety of road users are ensured, but only if EVERYONE understands why traffic lights were built. It is not our traffic law that is at fault, but the mindset of our people. They always take traffic lights for granted, when they know that it is compulsory for them to obey the traffic lights. Our people are so selfish and always too scared of losing time until it seems like they don't care if people or even themselves would lose their lives only because of their time chasing obsession. Tonight, I almost got hit by a motorcycle on a zebra crossing when the pedestrian light was GREEN. I was so mad that I could only scream "ARE YOU BLIND???? OR STUPID???!!!!" I really hope that people would appreciate traffic lights more, so that we can help reduce the number of traffic accidents in our country. If not much, a little. Whatever it is, I am still very grateful to Allah as nothing bad happened. I think it is a good lesson for me and also my friends as it taught me to be more careful on the road. Remember that traffic lights alone will never guarantee anything while we are using the road. All of us need to learn to take responsibility of it. Not just for ourselves, but for every single creature on Earth. Peace and love. \\// + <3

On an unrelated matter, he sang me lullabies again. For the first time in months. Didn't feel anything. Oh really Nurul? Didn't your heart just drop? Or are you just playing it cool this time?

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