Friday, June 29, 2012

Random Thought of the Day

Aren't you tired of that someone
who always talks in such an arrogant way,
believing that he or she
is the only one who cares? 

 Well, I am.

What-Ever-Suits-You! Vol 4

Don't be judgmental. It's not what you think. :-)
I was actually falling asleep, but the more I procrastinate, the surer I am that I will never write about the gig that I went to last Saturday (just like what happened to Smells Like Girls Spirit pfft). So I decided to defer my sleep a bit and start writing! :))

Wokeh. The gig, What-Ever-Suits-You! Vol 4, took place at DoPPel Kafe and was kick-started by Stereo Android, a four-piece band based in Pahang and fronted by Chi Puding. Of course, the gig started a little later than scheduled, but I don't think that that's a really big deal to anyone since it has been that way for EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR...... I forgot how many songs they played, in fact, I don't remember how many songs that each band played that day. Pfft. I gotta start taking down notes if I wanna continue blogging about gigs/bands/etc seriously after this. Actually, I did bring a small notebook and a pen in my bag butttt I didn't want to appear like a real nerd at a GIG you know. However, I think I need to sacrifice coolness for the sake of more accurate writing next time. Uh huh.

Stereo Android

Pipe Volume
Pipe Volume
The second band to perform was Klang-based Pipe Volume or was it Stillaway? Seriously, I can't recall which band is Stillaway, pleaseeee somebody help me!!! I seriously need to take down notes next time!!! Urgh. OK, whatever lah, let's go on to the next band. The next band is special because....... because lead singer dia hensem! Hahahahahahaha ok ok kiddin'. The next band was Melodychain, which is fronted by Darn Phill (nama fesbuk jak nie semua nieee :P) and comes from the state where I was born and raised, Sabah, the land below the wind. :)) (I bought their t-shirt and CD thanks to Darn Phill's marketing talent bahahahahaha and in fact, I am listening to their song right now! Kbai). They sang a couple of their own songs as well as covers of Battleground and Flossy (band2 otai ni jangan sembarangan!). Ben Joe of Hurly Burly had to replace their drummer who had just become a father of his second daughter (if I heard correctly) recently, thus wasn't able to be there.

I believe this is Stillaway? (Yeah, this IS Stillaway you silly Nurul - June 30)
Melodychain feat. Ben Joe of Hurly Burly
The gig was continued with the Black Sabbath-Led Zeppelin-and (of course)-Stone Temple Pilots-influenced band from Ampang, Meatplow, a band that I fell for instantly after watching them live for the first time at Kami Mahukan Grunge Jgn Tipu Kami!!! and fell for harder after seeing them again at Smells Like Girls Spirit. I was a little surprised that the vocalist, Saiful Rudean, didn't bring his trademark loudhailer with him that day. What I really like about them is their style and honesty and loudness and energy and the fact that they told the stories of their songs clearly to the audience. In short, they were ALIVE. Well, at least Saiful Rudean was. Some bands tend to forget that music is and has always been part of communication, which does not only involve words and sound but also physiology. I noticed that most guitarists/bassists are always hiding comfortably by their amp or just stare at their guitar necks and don't do much to involve people in the show or simply rely too much on the vocalists. You have to MOVE boys! Okay, shut up Nurul.

 Meatplow was followed by Rock n Roll John, which apparently is BIG (shame on me I've never heard of them before, but better late than never right?) Based on the comments that I read on GGB page and my own first experience that night, this band has an excellent showmanship and performance skills, and I love the fact that they did a cover of M Nasir too! How rare! No offence, but you can really tell the difference between a well-rehearsed band and a not-so-well-rehearsed one, and Rock n Roll John falls in the former category. Although.... I was a bit irked at first by the fact that they refused to start performing due to the smaller size of crowd at that moment. I was like, "Heyyy... The audience needs a break too okay... C'monnnn just play already...." For me, a band is supposed to be willing to do just as good a show for the five people who bothered to show up on a certain day as they do for a packed house on any other day. But later during the show, the vocalist did apologise to the audience for saying "Kate gerakan grunge bangkit, tak bangkit punnnn" earlier because he finally realised how wrong he was once the crowd came back in from their short break. Hey, we are a bunch of awesome crowd okay, have some faith in us. :P Nasib baik they WERE awesome, so, don't worry Rock n Roll John, you're forgiven. After all, we never take anything seriously anyway, right peeps? *nervous laugh*

Rock n Roll John
The Outbreak was next in line and at this moment I was too hungry to even stand up so I sat on the floor during their entire performance (and I couldn't even bother to take pictures of them ooppsss). Good performance, good songs, but too bad I couldn't concentrate as my head was aching due to extreme hunger. Exaggerating pulak! :P The gig ended with Nameless, nama (nama jak lah :P) yg sebenarnya tidak asing bagi aku (aik tiba2 Malay pfftt) :P Anddd... weirdly larat pulak aku berdiri depan stage tu untuk tengok diorang perform. Ahahahaha I'm so sorry The Outbreak! Maybe I was saving my energy for them. :P They mostly sang Nirvana's songs and they weren't so kaku on stage, and Sam with his Krist Novoselic-influenced style of playing bass, so it was worth it lah for me. But... one thing that I think I must mention about them is that they didn't really play seriously. I think lah, based on what I see and feel. But probably that's just what they are you know. A bunch of really playful and really funny and really crazy guys, especially Afro. Hahaha. But then again, it's probably me and not them. Maybe they did play bersungguh-sungguh that night, but I was the one who didn't see it. As usual, we ended that day with a late-night supper ramai2. Sangat2 terharu that they, specifically Iqa, in fact asked me to join them. You know, you-feel-like-you-belong-kind-of-stuff. :)) All in all, I enjoyed the gig and look forward to the forthcoming shows! :D

P/S: I went alone again this time okay! Who says I need HIM to have fun!! \m/

Monday, June 18, 2012

To My Dearest Mohd Hashwan bin Ahmed Nashriq (bukan nama sebenar)

Not everything in this world has to go your way my dear, as the world does not revolve around you. No matter how bad and ugly the situations are, you just have to go through what life throws at you, including my blog. Trust me baby, it's not as bad as what you had put me through.

In the future, if you have one at all,
please don't go around breaking fucking with people's hearts if you don't want people to say or write bad things about you. Savvy?

Your beloved Nurul

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Mean It

I know I am being mean,
But this is the only place where I am allowed to be this mean,
Where I can allow myself to be this mean,
Somehow, I am grateful for this hatred, this contempt, this loathing, this enmity,
As I need it,
Not to cover up my sadness, but to fight it.

And I mean it.

A Note of Bitterness on Sunday Morning

It's Sunday and I am far from feeling lazy. I intended to clean the fridge yesterday but postponed it to today, but I find myself not able to do it because one of my housemates (the rest have gone out) is up watching TV in the hall. I feel embarrassed to do it in front of them as I am afraid they would be embarrassed by it. So... Most likely I will have to postpone it again? Urgh... Why do I have to blog about this when I have far more interesting things to blog about? For example, Faezah's wedding and... yeah, that's all. Lol.

It's been about two weeks since I last met Nasik. Maybe... that was the last time I will ever see him again. We had a fight and I'm sure none of us would want to see each other again. Reason? My blog. Hah! Apa lagi? Takut kantoi la tu!! He asked, no, he pleaded me not to mention his name ever again in my blog. Of course I got furious!!! It's my fuckin' blog OK!! I am entitled to write whatever I want in it. It's MY life I'm writing about, not HIS!! Takut bini dia terbaca la tu. Buduh. Dua2 palui! Sepa suruh teda kerja lain stalk orang seja. Bangang. Salah sendiri gatal mau baca blog aku apahal???? Bila aku tanya "Is this about that woman???" He said "Tak lah. Saya tak fikir pun pasal pempuan tu." And when I asked "Do you really love her?" he just shrugged. Hah! So I told him this, "The only thing you can do is stop reading my blog!! Or better, tell that bitch of yours to stop stalking me!!!" and I added "You deserve all the miseries in your life right now and I am thrilled to see you unhappy." I felt... Powerful. Yes. Powerful. Unlike before, unlike the way I used to be when it comes to him. I am in control of myself, my life, and I am so thankful to Allah for that, for the strength that I am given. Yeah, it does still hurt when I think about it sometimes, but I don't cry the way I did before. I mean, it still brings tears to my eyes but not as bad as before. The most important thing is this, if not because of my blog, he will definitely continue wanting to see me. Poor, poor Shitda. Kalau bukan pasal takut kantoi, he will continue sneaking around behind your back, do you not know that Shitda??? Do you not realise that he has NEVER changed??? Kalau boleh aku mau sampai kau tinggalkan dia!! Padan muka dia!! But you are too stupid for that. You are so fuckin' stupid you are such a shame to the entire female population in this whole wide world!! And I'm glad it's not me who is stuck with him. It's YOU. It's fuckin' YOU Shitda!!! You both deserve each other because I, NHJ, deserve so much better than this!!! You don't have any self-respect and like I said, you are such a shame to the entire womanhood of planet Earth!! And I'm so glad I'm not you! If you, both of you, haven't realised it yet, THIS, yes MY BLOG, is my revenge! My sweet, finger lickin' revenge!

Well, that escalated quickly. Kbye.