Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Note of Bitterness on Sunday Morning

It's Sunday and I am far from feeling lazy. I intended to clean the fridge yesterday but postponed it to today, but I find myself not able to do it because one of my housemates (the rest have gone out) is up watching TV in the hall. I feel embarrassed to do it in front of them as I am afraid they would be embarrassed by it. So... Most likely I will have to postpone it again? Urgh... Why do I have to blog about this when I have far more interesting things to blog about? For example, Faezah's wedding and... yeah, that's all. Lol.

It's been about two weeks since I last met Nasik. Maybe... that was the last time I will ever see him again. We had a fight and I'm sure none of us would want to see each other again. Reason? My blog. Hah! Apa lagi? Takut kantoi la tu!! He asked, no, he pleaded me not to mention his name ever again in my blog. Of course I got furious!!! It's my fuckin' blog OK!! I am entitled to write whatever I want in it. It's MY life I'm writing about, not HIS!! Takut bini dia terbaca la tu. Buduh. Dua2 palui! Sepa suruh teda kerja lain stalk orang seja. Bangang. Salah sendiri gatal mau baca blog aku apahal???? Bila aku tanya "Is this about that woman???" He said "Tak lah. Saya tak fikir pun pasal pempuan tu." And when I asked "Do you really love her?" he just shrugged. Hah! So I told him this, "The only thing you can do is stop reading my blog!! Or better, tell that bitch of yours to stop stalking me!!!" and I added "You deserve all the miseries in your life right now and I am thrilled to see you unhappy." I felt... Powerful. Yes. Powerful. Unlike before, unlike the way I used to be when it comes to him. I am in control of myself, my life, and I am so thankful to Allah for that, for the strength that I am given. Yeah, it does still hurt when I think about it sometimes, but I don't cry the way I did before. I mean, it still brings tears to my eyes but not as bad as before. The most important thing is this, if not because of my blog, he will definitely continue wanting to see me. Poor, poor Shitda. Kalau bukan pasal takut kantoi, he will continue sneaking around behind your back, do you not know that Shitda??? Do you not realise that he has NEVER changed??? Kalau boleh aku mau sampai kau tinggalkan dia!! Padan muka dia!! But you are too stupid for that. You are so fuckin' stupid you are such a shame to the entire female population in this whole wide world!! And I'm glad it's not me who is stuck with him. It's YOU. It's fuckin' YOU Shitda!!! You both deserve each other because I, NHJ, deserve so much better than this!!! You don't have any self-respect and like I said, you are such a shame to the entire womanhood of planet Earth!! And I'm so glad I'm not you! If you, both of you, haven't realised it yet, THIS, yes MY BLOG, is my revenge! My sweet, finger lickin' revenge!

Well, that escalated quickly. Kbye.

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