Monday, July 30, 2012

This Made My Day!

My intention to go to Times Square to terminate my Umobile broadband no later than 12pm today was hindered when I saw an unexpected comment on my FB wall timeline (that's what they call it nowadays) from an unexpected person this morning. It was ALONG, the frontman of the notoriously legendary, awesome, fabulous, excellent, brilliant rock n roll geniuses, ZIP ZIELLER!!!! Omaigodddd I was soooooo stoked that I ran like a mad woman who just lost her daughter to my room for no reason and ran back to the spot where I usually work with my old lappy. I was so excited!!! :D (hey, I have a crush on all of them okay, gimme a break! :P). From one comment to another and another and another until it reached a total of 49 comments :D. I really thought that it was never going to end because we went on and on and on and on about our current favourite songs and about Zip Zieller's latest EP, Bersih 0.1/5 as well as their progress. Of course, I didn't want it to end, but I was kinda glad that the conversation was finally over because I really had to go out anyway. (I guess I turned him off with my last question though. Stupid stupid stupid!) Hee, when I showed my overreacting enthusiasm, he said "hahahahaha....pape tah dohhh...aku orang gak cer ?" Oh Along, you may not realise this, but you are not JUST a human being to me (and I believe to thousands of other people as well). You're a GOD (READ: DEWA), a ROCK n ROLL GOD!!! I worship you guys!!!! :D As an avid fan/follower cum stalker of Zip Zieller, I really feel appreciated. It's like, it's worth it. I love them even more now. I may not have gone to all of their shows/gigs, but I consider myself a die-hard fan because I have ALL their EPs and I have been loyal to them since 2008 and I will always be! I even suggested to a gig organiser in Ipoh once to invite Zip Zieller to play! And they DID get invited, and they DID play, and I DID go. I really really really regret not going to their recent gigs, because... Along told me that their last appearance as a band is going to be this end of year, where they will be doing their last show, besides selling their last complete CD as well as an LP. That means, I am never going to see them perform again after that!!!! EVER!!! Huwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sedihnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! :(( I'm gonna be there no matter what happens!!! I'll be there ZZ!!!! I PROMISE!!! Isk isk isk. I'm gonna toss aside my shyness and I'm gonna take photos with them, I'm gonna shake their hands, I'm gonna ask for their signatures, I don't care!! I WILL!!

In short, this day will be one of the best days in my life (although it also came with the sad news), because I'm never gonna get over this. It made me smile all day today. :D I may be overreacting, but, who cares? Zip Zieller is like my Malaysian Rolling Stones y'know. To Along, you might not be aware of how much this means to me. You really did make my day. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. :)

Oh ya, to those who are stalking reading this, if you are interested to buy Zip Zieller's latest EP, please contact Manager Kemat Hassan (lol) a.k.a Bard at +60122102814. Or you can just go to their Facebook page by clicking here (which means you still have to contact Bard in the end bahaha). I promise you, you won't regret it!

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