Thursday, September 13, 2012

Random Thought of the Day

Senang jak, kalau betul2 mo menghapuskan "budaya penjajah" di Malaysia ni, kena mula dari diri sendiri la dulu. Caranya? Stop listening to songs in other languages but your own mother tongue, stop going to concerts, stop going to gigs, stop going to bars, stop going to clubs, stop using the F-word or any other swear word, stop reading any English or other languages reading material, stop watching movies that use English language and are not local, stop using Facebook and other social networking sites, STOP SMOKING, stop bashing other races and religions, stop being hypocrites, go live in your own little shell and act like colonisation never occurred in Malaysian history. By the way, I'm Dusun+Sungai+Kedayan (except Kedayan, I can't understand any because I grew up without having the opportunity to learn them), so I'm allowed to use English or Malay or bahasa rojak whenever, wherever and with whoever as I please.

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