Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Memori Oktober

1 October - Met Ally for the first time since our KL outing in March. We had dinner at Pasar Malam KK with our mutual friend, Azril. He gave me Bruce Springsteen and tie dye tshirts as well as a pair of Clarks Wallabee shoes (which are regretfully a bit too small for me). I gave him Morrissey's latest album, Years of Refusal. *happy*

2 October - Ally added me back on Facebook.

7 October - Met Ally again only to return his office keys that were unintentionally left in the bag of Wallabee shoes that he gave me. He was busy helping his friend so he couldn't hang out with me. Zzz...

10 October - Had the delicious Sembulan mee pangsit for the first time with my best buddy, No Joke. To my surprise, Ally came to accompany Azril for a bowl of mee pangsit too. Nice coincidence. Was it? :P

11 October - Had my second mee pangsit with No Joke, Ally and Azril. Exchanged some views with Azril on how Nirvana fans SHOULD be fans of Pearl Jam and Soundgarden as well. An opinion which I don't agree with. I mean, why stereotype, right?

13 October - Went to Borneo Festigrunge 2012 with Ally (and No Joke)! We had fun alright! I didn't want the day to end.

14 October - It was time to say goodbye. I wore the Bruce Springsteen tshirt to the airport. I look forward to the time when we'll meet again. Someday. :-(

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