Saturday, November 10, 2012

Tidak Sedar Diri

"orang yang tak faham english memang teramat bodoh, geram aku, bukan nak kutuk, reality, lepas tu pandai pulak down orang kata "hg memang hebat english pun" benda boleh belajar tapi ego nak mampuih"

Boooooo!!!! This guy is hilarious and so not cool okay! I was so tempted to say this:

This is ironic. Why? Because, every time you update your status using English, I try really hard not to laugh or leave mean comments, but here you are calling other people who don't understand English "stupid". I'm not looking for a fight or Facebook drama here, I just wanna feel the pleasure of mocking because you kinda deserve it. Damn, it feels good. My point is, don't simply call people stupid. Check yourself in the mirror first. If there's anyone who needs to bring his ego down here, it's you. Happy Saturday! ;)

But I didn't (at least not on Facebook). Not because I didn't have the guts, but because I think people have enough Facebook drama already nowadays. I try to avoid starting one. Haha. Well, niceness is my nature baby although I can be really mean sometimes (depends on the attitude of the person I'm dealing with). However, showing my meanness because of someone yg tidak sedar diri like this is totally not worth it. :-)

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