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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Ramadhan 1434H: Day 19

Tadi aku keluar dalam around kul 12 tengah hari kalau nda silap. Ceh, ada hati mau keluar kul 9 hahaha. Book hotel room untuk abang di My Hotel @ Sentral. Setel la sudah, syukur alhamdulillah ada kosong. Cuma yg aku pelik, dorang teda minta apa2 bayaran untuk booking (deposit). And check in mesti on time. Kalau nda dorang let go tu bilik. Buruk tul. Tapi ndapalah, ok jugak. Cuma if you ask me to choose, I'd prefer to pay some amount of deposit first, rather than nothing. So that I won't feel paranoid. Urgh. It's okay. I'll be there on time, insyaa Allah.

Lepas book hotel tu, aku pi Mid Valley. Bukan apa. Mau beli beg untuk laptop aku jak. Hari tu kan suda buang pasal kena kencing kucing. Buduh tul. RM65. Quite expensive (for me) but... I like it. Nanti mau tampal patches The Strokes lah. Hehehe.

I went home feeling so dried up and exhausted. I'm not fasting, yes, but it's not like I ate anything anyway. And I think it was the heat too. It's so hot today. Even now at 9.37pm. Even after taking a shower. Sampai rumah dalam around 4.45pm and I went straight to the bazaar. I bought nasi putih + ayam masak kurma + sayur = SEVEN FRIGGIN RINGGIT! I also bought 3 pieces of kek batik + 2 pieces of bahulu kemboja for RM2 and murtabak daging for RM2.50. Lepas makan rasa ok sikit. Tried to take a nap but couldn't, so I took my shower at around 7pm. Ahh... Mandi itu sememangnya nikmat. Dan nikmat itu cuma orang yg mandi saja tau. Hahahaha.

Okay, I better stop merapu now. Bagus lagi aku sambung packing. Kbye!

By the way, I find this pretty hilarious! Ramai jugak orang search baju kurung di Jalan TAR/Masjid Jamek and ended up finding my stupid blog ah. Hahahaha.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ramadhan 1434H: Day 18

I'm almost done packing. Tinggal baju-baju, hangers, and my bedding jak lah lagi mau dipack. Benda2 kecil dan leceh tu semua sudah masuk kotak. Tinggal mau pos jak lagi. Huh. Syukur. Tapi selagi belum dipos, selagi tu aku belum tenang ni. Cepat laaaa hahahaha.

Hari ini bersungkai di rumah Faezah lagi. Dia masak lodeh with nasi himpit, while Baen cooked ayam apa ntah nama dia tadi tu, aku lupa. Yg penting it's rendang-like and pedas. Hehe. This time I didn't buy any kuih because Faezah told me to datang makan only. Alhamdulillah, rezeki percuma lagi. Thank you Allah, thank you Faezah and Baen. :-)

I'm doing my laundry as I'm writing this. Tinggal baju2 hitam jak lagi. Besok mau keluar seawal 9 pagi mau pi book hotel untuk abang. Abang gerak dari Pendang, Kedah 3hb (Sabtu depan) and mungkin dia sampai before maghrib. Boleh la sungkai dengan abang pulak, insyaa Allah. Flight abang 5hb so kenalah dia tidur di hotel 2 malam. Ingat mau bookkan abang bilik di hotel dekat2 KL Sentral, so senang la sikit dia mau pi airport 5hb tu. Serabut jugak sebenarnya kepala otak aku ni, tapi cam biasa, aku cuba bertenang. Hehe. One thing at a time Nurul, one thing at a time. OK lah, mau sambung the laundry and tidur! By the way, puasa aku kantoi di tengah hari hari ini. It came a week earlier than expected, but what the heck. Night!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Ramadhan 1434H: Day 17

Hari ini bersungkai di Secret Recipe (again), Cyberjaya dengan Faezah dan Ain. Asalnya mahu bersungkai di Saba, sebuah restoran makanan Arab di Cyberjaya yg rupanya agak femes la jugak. Sebab bila sembang dengan Fiza n Hana pasal restoran tu pun diorang tau n memang pernah makan di situ. Aku jak yg nda tau. Zzzzz... Kami menukar fikiran selepas diberitahu oleh seorang pekerja restoran tu yg hari ini mereka hanya menyediakan menu buffet untuk berbuka puasa dan menu ala carte cuma akan disediakan mulai pukul 9 malam. Dengan harga RM53 untuk seorang kami merasakan yg ianya agak tidak berbaloi sebab banyak mana la sangat yg kami mampu makan. Lagipun membazir apatah lagi di bulan puasa ni amalan yg amatlah tidak digalakkan. Jadi, kami sepakat untuk berbuka puasa di Secret Recipe berhampiran saja. I had nasi goreng whatever with the chicken satay and we ordered a piece of Turkish Indulgence because Ain wanted to satisfy her curiosity as we told her that the cake is reallllllly delicious. Hehe.

We went jalan-jalan at Alamanda, Putrajaya earlier today. I didn't buy anything except a baby stuff hamper for Faezah, which I split with Ain. Ain did most of the shopping (she bought a golden bangle from Habib Jewel and ntah apa lagi aku nda ingat or was it the only thing she bought?) At first I felt reluctant to join them for the Alamanda trip because I intended to continue packing my stuff, but, I went with them anyway. It's okay, I can do the packing tomorrow and Sunday. Lagipun lama sudah nda jumpa Ain hehe.

Macam biasa, outing photos. This time, malas mau edit. :P

My dinner
Tudung aku nampak pelik. I swear I'll never wear it this way again!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ramadhan 1434H: Day 16

Sungkai at Faezah's today. She cooked mee goreng and I bought popia, murtabak ayam and daging, and tepung pelita. And all of them were oddly tasty! Rezeki rezeki. Alhamdulillah. Hehe. Fatin joined too. She reached Serdang slightly after azan.

I am sooooo sleepy. Sepanjang Ramadhan ni memang aku tidak larat stay up sampai ke pagi buta. Belum pukul 11 malam pun sudah ngantuk gila. Like now. Urgh. I think I have to go to sleep now. I'll continue my ticket clearing later. I'm feeling so drowsy.......

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Monday, July 22, 2013

Ramadhan 1434H: Day 13

Hari ini ialah hari ke-13 aku langsung tidak mendengar muzik. Alhamdulillah. Memang aku mahu elakkan dengar muzik pun Ramadhan ini. Semoga aku istiqamah sehingga ke akhir Ramadhan dan dapat diteruskan di hari-hari lain.

By the way, tinggal 2 minggu saja lagi. 2 minggu dan aku akan kembali ke elemen asalku. Insyaa Allah. :-)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ramadhan 1434H: Day 8 - Day 12

Day 8

I was on a half day leave. Had a nice sahur buffet with Fatin (thanks to mama for letting one of us use her breakfast coupon and to her colleague who decided to leave a day earlier than scheduled so we had an extra coupon hehe :D). Fatin went back to Kota Puteri after going to Low Yat Plaza with mama. I checked out with mama at 12pm then we left our stuff at the storage room in the hotel's lobby then went shopping at Berjaya Times Square. I finally bought the shirt that has Bart Simpsons heads on it and mom bought me a dress for raya. :D Mama also bought several blouses for herself and she was so happy to find them at prices so cheap and almost unheard of in Kota Kinabalu. We finished shopping before 4pm and reached Serdang at around 6pm (I think). Then I took mama to the bazaar Ramadhan. Having her here at my "rumah bujang" was so surreal. In a very very good way. :')

Mine. I LOVE LOVE LOVE croissants!

Day 9

Full day leave. Took mama to Masjid India/Jalan TAR to shop for Ain's raya clothes. We bought 2 baju kurung for her as well as shawls for her and her friends. Mama also took the opportunity (of the crazy cheap prices) to buy more blouses and tudung. Hehe. I didn't buy anything for me although mama offered, because I'm planning to go raya shopping with Fatin on the day before we'll go back to KK. Had our sungkai at Central Market's food court. I lurrrrveeeee the ice-cream toast.

I didn't take any photo during our shopping trip (perhaps I should), because I was too lazy to take out my camera, but I did take some post-shopping photos. Here there are.

Hmmm nyesal pulak nda beli manggis ni
Mama picking her dragon fruit
In that bag is our "hasil shopping" hehehe
I love this ice-cream toast!

Day 10

I worked on Friday. The original plan was to go to Macik Tipah's place in the evening but since I was working, we decided to go on Saturday instead. I wouldn't want to be wasting my working hours with the time consuming travel from Serdang to Kg Subang. Lagi pun Fatin nda dapat datang awal pun. Lepas maghrib baru dia gerak dari Kota Puteri ikut kawan dia yg kena pick up by her family. Mama pun dapat la berehat the whole day. She helped with the laundry though. Thanks ma. :')

Day 11

Went to Macik Tipah's house. We had sungkai beramai-ramai with Ucu + family too. An unexpected guest (Pacik Hashim) came with makanan yg gila berlambak-lambak. My cousin Hafiz even said, "Wow, dah macam kat hotel plak." Haha. Memang banyak gila. But alhamdulillah there was no wastage. We gave some leftovers to Ucu for sahur and kept some for ourselves. Oh yeah, I haven't explained to you why I said Pacik Hashim was an unexpected guest, have I? Actually.... Macik Tipah and Pacik Hashim had divorced in May 2013 (which was a real surprise!!). But there's something even more surprising than this but I'm not going to reveal it here. It made me wonder, how secretive can this family be? Mama told me when I told her that Macik Tipah had changed her car to Myvi (before this she used Hyundai Sorento so I think you can imagine my shock). At first I thought she was just having a financial problem. Who knew that it was a much bigger issue than that. Kesian macik.... I hope she'll be okay....

Yup. That is my shirt that I wore on Thursday. Meet my sister, Fatin. Zzzz
Mama thought SpongeBob and Bart Simpsons were the same characters (-_-")
On our way to Macik Tipah's

Day 12

Sent mom to KLIA for her 3.30pm flight. I miss her already. :'( But it's okay, I'll come home soon. :') Then Macik Tipah sent Fatin back to Kota Puteri. But before that, we stopped at Plaza Shah Alam kejap because Macik Tipah needed to take a brief nap coz she was feeling tired and sleepy. I and Fatin took the opportunity to take a look around in the plaza (it was our first time going to Plaza Shah Alam) and guess what???? We found the baju kurung!!!! :D We're going back there for our raya shopping on 3 August. Hehehe. Cannot wait. I broke my fast on the bus while on my way home. The bus left Kota Raya at around 7.30pm and I reached home at slightly after 8pm. Quite fast huh. I thought I would miss maghrib prayer but alhamdulillah I didn't.

At KLIA. Macik Tipah obviously looked tired.
P/S: I guess that's all for tonight. I am soooo sleepy and tired. Need to rest. I'll add the details I might have forgotten once I'm fully rested. Good night and selamat bersahur esok! Don't forget the niat! :-)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ramadhan 1434H: Day 7

I'm still at my mom's hotel here at Berjaya Times Square Hotel. But what I'm about to write is not about the fancy room or the comfy bed or the massive bathroom, but about my stupid argument (I don't like to call it a fight) with Fatin this evening. Yeah, she came all the way from Kota Puteri, Bestari Jaya by bus+komuter+monorail and it took her around 3 hours to get here. Of course I'm excited that she's here! But I got really mad when she told me she was going to buy a new t-shirt or blouse using the money I gave her for food! Argue punya argue then dia merajuk pastue terus she took her laptop and bag and left the room. I tried calling her many times but of course she didn't pick up. I asked mom to call her (mom was still at the kursus place at the time) and when I called mom back she said that Fatin was heading to KL Sentral. Mau balik Kota Puteri la tu kunun. Long story short, she returned to the hotel at last. Huh... Evening drama. But I was glad she came back because I would feel really bad if she really went back to Kota Puteri. Drama Queen punya budak. Urh, there's nothing we can do about it anyway, because melodramatic is in our gene. Zzzzz....

Tapi sebenarnya aku terharu and rasa sedih sikit jugak la to know what she had done to earn some extra money. There's no need for me to list it down here. But I'm proud of her. Sorry little sister. You surely deserve more credit from me. But I know she knows that I love her. :') There, proof that melodramatic is in our gene.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Ramadhan 1434H: Day 6

Terjaga tepat-tepat pukul 5.30 pagi tadi. Apa lagi? Makan nasi ayam sejuklah jawabnya.

OK. Azan subuh sudah berkumandang tu. Solat dulu. Bye.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ramadhan 1434H: Day 5

Hari ini tiada apa2 yg menarik sangat. Hantar Fatin balik Kota Puteri jak (actually Macik Tipah jak yg hantar, aku balik terus ke Serdang lepas maghrib but what the heck it's the same thing). Ingat kalau sempat mau pi sungkai sama mama kalau Macik Tipah hantar Fatin petang. Tapi ndapalah... Cukup syukur suda macik tolong hantar. Lagipun mama ada sini sampai Sabtu depan. Tengoklah besok maybe aku pi tidur tempat mama di Berjaya Times Square Hotel. Boleh bertrip nanti. Hehehe. Cam si taik.

Sampai rumah Macik Tipah tadi a few minutes before Asar. Bazar Ramadhan sana best jugak. Nda macam Serdang ni. Banyak gila pilihan. Tapi terlampau banyak sangat sampai nda tau mau beli apa last2 aku beli nasi ayam. What a lame choice huh. Samalah macam orangnya jugak. Buruk oh kan? Hahaha. Tapi tapi tapi aku ada beli burger bakar jugak ok! Sedap lagi tuuuuu.... I was like "Uhhh sedap sedap" dari start aku makan sampai la habis. It was that good! Hahahaha. At first mau makan nasi ayam tu untuk sungkai n burger bakar tu untuk sahur, tapi disebabkan macik masak banyak, aku simpan la nasi ayam tu untuk sahur aku besok n burger bakar tu plak untuk "supper" aku. Kehkehkeh. Fatin pulak beli roti boom 2 keping untuk sahur dia besok n nasi kerabu n beberapa biji kuih untuk sungkai. Hari tu, the day that I didn't update my Ramadhan Journal, I bought roti john black pepper for RM4.50, kuey teow goreng for RM2.50, a huge karipap for RM2, and teh bunga yg besar for RM1 (murah seringgit sebab time tu sudah dekat2 maghrib). It turned out that everything except for the teh bunga was a disappointment. Aku berjanji yg aku akan memboikot semua roti john yg ada di bazar Ramadhan Sri Serdang ni lepas ni. Nda sudah aku mau beli. Aku beli roti john daging with black pepper sauce tapi jangankan daging, sayur or telur pun was barely there. Gila la memang rip off. Aku rasa macam mau bagi balik jak n minta refund RM4.50. Zzzz.... The kuey teow goreng and karipap tu masalah dia cuma pasal rasa lah. Kureng. But it's understandable lah kan, because it's PUASA. I only ate the karipap half and gave the other half to the cats but even kucing pun nda mau makan. Lepas ni memang aku akan beli satu benda jak. Kalau mau beli extra pun cuma kuih. Memang nda best pun bazar sini so ndapayah la aku membazir.

Eh, apala yg aku melalut panjang2 ni. I better end this entry here. But before that, here's a picture of the meatball soup I cooked for sahur this morning. 

Boleh tahan sedap jugak aku masak. I'm proud of it. Hehehe bukan riak ok, I'm just saying that I'm proud of it. Fatin siap suruh aku cuba masak tomyam pulak. Haha. Okay, nanti mau try lah. Hehe. Good night! :)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Ramadhan 1434H: Day 4

Bersungkai dengan Fatin hari ini di Secret Recipe, Mid Valley. I had Mozarella Baked Fish while Fatin had Singapore Laksa. It was nice, I enjoyed it. The size of the fish is becoming smaller and smaller since the first time I had it though. The laksa was surprisingly nice too since any noodle menu from Secret Recipe had always been a letdown for me before. I had the Turkish Indulgence cake for the second time (the first time I ate the cake it was on Faezah hehe) which means that it is GEWWWWWWWD. 10 bintang! Hehe. All in all, we enjoyed our dinner tonight. :)

The only thing that was not so pleasant was when I went for my maghrib prayer at the surau that's located inside Food Junction on level 3. Macam biasalah mesti ada orang berborak punya. Tapi this time, it was like 3 times noisier than I've ever experienced before. It was so annoying and downright DISRESPECTFUL. C'mon girls, Islam taught us to not talk about hal-hal dunia di tempat beribadah kan? So why can't we practice that already? I really wish I had some kind of authority (or the guts) to tell those girls to tone down or be silence altogether while people are praying, but all that I could do was giving them my deadliest "jelingan maut". I can excuse crying babies or kids but ADULTS yg cukup akal? Unless you are brainless, yes, you will do something like that lah. Tolonglah, tolong tolong tolong jangan berborak masa dalam surau/masjid. If you cannot respect people who are praying, I believe you can respect kawasan beribadah kan? So please, stop it, sebelum ada yg kena pelempang nanti. Sama-samalah kita mencari keredhaan Ilahi, bukan kemurkaanNya.

By the way, semalam lepas siapkan kerja dan solat Isyak aku memang berniat untuk update Ramadhan Journal aku. Tapi disebabkan letih ditambah dengan blackout on an off, I didn't. It's okay. It's not like it's an obligation or anything. Zzzz.... Anyways, I'm cooking meatball soup for tomorrow's sahur. Fatin requested for some nuggets. Hehe. Tomorrow mom will be flown in from KK for her kursus on Monday and Tuesday. After the kursus, she will be spending a few days at my place before going to Makcik Tipah's. She'll fly back home next Sunday. Yay boleh sungkai dengan mama pulak! Happiness! :D

Oh, here are some photos taken today! Mau siap-siap masak the meatball soup lepas ni! Selamat bersahur everyone! :) (buat2 macam ada pembaca lagi zzzz)

Camwhoring while waiting for KTM
Daiso, colourful as ever
The yummy Turkish Indulgence
Candid shot by Fatin

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ramadhan 1434H: Day 2

Sakit hati dengan connection Maxis yg macam tuttt tadi, aku cuba untuk tenangkan hati dengan pergi ke kedai untuk mencari kotak dan terus ke bazar Ramadhan. Tanya sama orang di kedai Big tu, dia cakap tiada kotak kosong untuk dijual (apatah lagi free), jadi aku pergi la ke Cosway, yg aku tau memang ada jual kotak di situ. I bought 2 large boxes for RM1 each. Aku malas mau fikir2 sangat buat tambah menyesakkan kepala aku jadi aku beli jak lah terus tanpa banyak bicara. Lepas simpan kotak2 tu di rumah, aku keluar semula untuk ke bazar Ramadhan. Awal2 ni senang sikit bergerak, orang belum ramai, jadi tidak perlulah berjalan macam karakter2 kartun South Park.

The first thing that I bought was roti jala. Satu bekas tu RM2. Pastu aku beli nasi kerabu pulak. Tengok macam sedap jak brader tu beli. Jadi aku pun teringin. RM6 dengan lauk ayam dan telur masin. Boleh tahan mahal jugak lah. Semalam pergi bazar dengan Syira dan Atiqah, aku beli nasi putih separuh, daging masak kicap dan gulai terung RM4.50, pastu kuih 3 biji RM1.20 dan air tebu satu botol kecil RM2.50. Jumlah total RM8.20. Ah, apa mau heran. Zaman sekarang semua benda mahal. Kotak pun orang boleh jual dengan harga RM1. Zzzz....

Malam ini nampaknya aku terpaksa skip tarawih lagi. Aku mau sambung pack barang2 aku. Bukan apa. Selagi aku tidak setelkan packing ni selagi tu kepala aku berserabut. Di luar memang aku nampak tenang dan damai, tapi hati dan kepala aku ni tidak akan tenang selagi aku tidak setelkan benda ni. Buku2 aku sudah aku pack dalam kotak semalam. Ngam2 penuh satu kotak air mineral Spritzer tu. Tinggal pakaian dan barang2 lain yg tidak berapa penting tapi cukup "penting" untuk aku bungkus dan bawa balik ke Kota Kinabalu. Ah, cepat2 lah benda ni setel, supaya aku boleh buat kerja dengan tenang. 4 Ogos tinggal berapa minggu jak lagi. Hujung minggu ni dan hujung minggu depan I will be busy "entertaining" Fatin and mama. Nasib baik jugalah mama datang minggu depan, boleh aku minta dia tolong bawakan barang aku sekurang2nya satu beg. Huh. Pening pening.

On a happier note, juadah bersungkai hari ini akan ditambah dengan Chocodate Yusuf Taiyoob buah tangan dari Faezah. :D She just got back from Perlis this afternoon. I feel pretty tensed today, but just looking at the nice box of the chocodate is enough to make me smile and feel grateful for the good things in my life. Alhamdulillah... Thank you Faezah. Semoga murah rezeki awak dan suami. :-)

Oklah, mau sambung kerja. Solat Asar pun belum ni. Adoi.

Entri Yg Sangat Bodoh Hinggakan Aku Tidak Tahu Mahu Tajukkan Apa

Aku tidak faham kenapa kadang-kadang orang sangat berkira untuk berkongsi maklumat yg sebenarnya bukanlah ada apa sangat pun. Aku lagi tidak faham kalau orang itu ialah orang yg aku panggil KAWAN. Soalan semudah, "Eh, 8 darab 8 berapa eh?", misalannya, pun adalah sangat susah bagi orang jenis ini untuk berkongsi jawapannya. Wahai kawan, kenapalah susah sangat bagi kau untuk kongsi maklumat macam gini punya simple dengan aku? Kalau kau yg bertanyakan soalan seperti itu sudah tentu aku akan terus menjawab soalan kau tanpa berfikir panjang atau cakap banyak. Ada apa dengan soalan aku itu? Apa yg kau rasa sensitif sangat dengan soalan mudah seperti itu? Kenapa perlu komplikasikan perkara yg mudah? Kenapa kau tidak jawab saja terus soalan itu sebagaimana aku selalu berbuat begitu untuk kau? Bukanlah aku tidak boleh cari tahu tentang maklumat yg aku perlukan itu dari sumber lain (BACA: Internet), tapi alangkah bagusnya kalau kau boleh saja berikan jawapan itu pada aku seperti seorang KAWAN. Because I didn't ask for the information I needed from an information counter in the first place, I asked YOU, someone I call a FRIEND, so why can't you just answer my question like one? Now I wish I had gone to the "information counter" instead of you so I will never have to feel this way, which is stupid.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ramadhan 1434H: My Favourite Month of the Year Has Come! :D

Dear Pitty,

I went to tarawih with my housemates tonight (9 July). I am so excited for this year's Ramadhan. Not that I wasn't in the previous years, Ramadhan has always been my favourite month, but this year the enthusiasm is so much more because it is my first Ramadhan as someone who is wearing hijab. I don't know how to explain it to you but that is how I feel. :) I hope that I can perform this year's ibadah puasa better than the previous years along with other ibadah yg wajib dan sunat. And I hope I can keep up with al-Quran reciting too. I am sooo behind.

This year I will try to write about my Ramadhan on a daily basis. Ala-ala Diari Ramadhan Mohd Jayzuan tu. Hehe. And maybe I will do it for Syawal as well. We'll see. I just hope that this "project" won't be hindered by my laziness. :P

By the way, it rained this morning, before noon. It was quite heavy, but no lightning, no thunder. It was really really nice. It's been a long time since I've seen that kind of rain. I guess, this is what people call the rain of mercy (hujan rahmat)? Yeah, I guess it is. :-) 

Until next post Pitty!


Monday, July 08, 2013

Describing Myself in Four Words: Daria Outside, SpongeBob Inside


Sometimes I do wish I was a bit friendlier with people. I mean, in real life, not online. Like SpongeBob. Sometimes I feel like my Daria appearance (READ: big glasses, nerdy looking, lackadaisical,  misanthropic, cynical, etcetera etcetera) is just a facade. Or to be more accurate, it is just a mask. I'm not saying that I'm a hypocrite, but there are always two sides of everything right? Good and evil, the sun and the moon, day and night, men and women, right and left. Even walls have two sides. So these are my sides. My inside and my outside. I'm saying this because once you really really get to know me, I am not all that Daria is (inside). I am SPONGEBOB. Silly, clumsy, giddy, always laughing at the lamest jokes. Always making the lamest jokes. I'm saying this also to tell people that I am friendly, approachable, and all around a nice person. People always mistake me as someone who's always mean (I can be mean but not all the time) and heartless and emotionless like Daria (but I'm not saying that she's a bad person. Erm I mean, cartoon character) when actually I am a very compassionate person, I am sensitive, I am NOT emotionless. I have a heart. I may have the "Daria look" but to even have the faintest idea that I am her twin is an insult to her entire "existence" because I don't have even half her wit and intelligence. So please people, stop calling me Daria. I adore her, but do not call me Daria. Call me SpongeBob.

#dichotomy ‎#splitpersonality #DrJekyllandMrHyde #contradiction ‎#confusion

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Song of the Day: White Rabbit by Jefferson Airplane

I can't stop listening to this song, so it's going to be my Song of the Day. Haven't posted any Song of the Day on Facebook for quite some time. I'm staying away from the unwanted "attention" for the time being. Hehe. Enjoy!

It's Not Goodbye, It's See You Again!

Dear Pitty,

Ah, I just finished my work! Well, discussing my work is not the reason I'm writing to you tonight. I want to talk about Siti, my dear ex-colleague cum one of my besties. :-)

I did mention to you that she has gone back to her hometown, didn't I Pitty? Yes. She had flown back to Sarawak last Saturday and she will be staying there permanently. Not forever though according to her. She said she might come back in December. I'm not sure what for, but that's what she said. I never thought that between me and her she would be the first one to leave KL. I believe she never thought so too. It's ironic don't you think Pitty? All this while she was the one who didn't want to go back to her hometown because her friends are here, her job was here, and her social life is also here. I on the other hand had been wanting to go back for so long, and again ironically, all those reasons why Siti didn't want to leave were also what prevented me in the first place. But I've made up my mind to get out of here in September. At least, I'm 80% sure of the decision.

What I am 100% sure of is the fact that there will be no more working cum hanging out at Starbucks after this. But it's okay, because it will help me a lot in the saving department. It's not like I hang out that much at Starbucks anyway. Especially since after moving to Serdang. But yeah, I'm going to miss lepaking at a coffee shop, enjoying our drinks and chit chatting while doing our work. Huh... It's okay, I know she'll be back one day. But.... If I proceed with my plan of going back to KK this September, I'm afraid that last Friday is going to be the last time that we'll ever sit together at a coffee shop like that. But it's okay. I know it won't be the last time that we'll ever see each other. Huh... She will be missed. A lot! I wish her all the best in her future endeavours and may she find whatever it is that she's looking for in life. Yeah, it's not goodbye, it's see her again! :D

Here are some photos taken during our dinner outing with Jay on 22nd of June. I feel sorry that we didn't have a nicer (READ: fancy) farewell dinner for Siti but the nasi lemak ayam was realllllly gewd. I certainly enjoyed it! We all did! :-)

Okay, I'm heading off to bed now Pitty. Good night!