Thursday, May 30, 2013

Something Old, Something New

Dear Pitty,

Now that Fatin has gone back to Unisel, I'm back to my old, lonely life. Okay, I'm just being melodramatic there, I don't feel that lonely anymore. Hehe. But I am missing Fatin. I miss the company. If she was still here she would sleep in until late afternoon or until I woke her up for lunch, she would have a The Vampire Diaries marathon sometimes until 3am, and on certain days she would go out with her friends. So much for a company huh? But at least I have a lunch and dinner buddy on most days when she was here for 2 weeks. I miss going out with her too. But I just realised that we have never gone to the cinema together since she got enrolled in Unisel. Gosh. We should have. How can I forget? Oh, no, I didn't forget. Remember the outing I had with Siti and Cal early this month? We watched Iron Man 3 that day. Fatin was supposed to join us but she hung out with her friends instead. And she watched the same movie with her friends. Zzzz.... It's okay. Raya is around the corner, so I guess we'll go to the movies in my hometown. With Ain. And mom. And perhaps Abang Zul would like to join us too! He's coming home for raya this year! Yay! :D
By the way, my cousin Suzie is getting married tomorrow. And I am not going. I can't go. Because... Urgh this is a bit embarrassing. I'm so broke I can't even afford a flight ticket back to KK or Tawau for her wedding. Zzz... But it's okay, because she said she understands. I promised her that I'll give her wedding gift when I'm back for raya. I went to her engagement ceremony after all. I didn't think that she would get married so soon. She didn't either. But, like the old saying, kita merancang, Tuhan menentukan. Hehe. My mom, my grandmother, Macik Inah, Pacik Nawi+family are all going. Only me, Fatin, Abang Zul, Macik Tipah+family, Ucu+family, Macik Tam, dad, and Ain are not going. It's okay, we'll all see each other during raya. :)

On a different note, today I decided to change my blog template. Not because I don't like the previous one anymore, but because I'm bored of it. I need something new to look at, something fresh, so... tadaaa! Hehe. In many ways, I do still prefer the old one, but I'm liking this one as well for its clean and neat look. Plus, now I have the Home/Older Posts links. I never figured out what was missing or what went wrong with the old template (it didn't show the Home/Older Posts links). It used to irritate me so much but because I didn't find any other template that I liked, so I stick to it anyway. I think I'm quite satisfied with my blog's new design (for now). The only thing I haven't added is my favourite bands list. Wajib ada tu. Hehe. Nanti lah, this weekend. About the banner, I'll just leave it as it is for now because I don't quite know how to create a nice banner yet. This is my first attempt. I will learn how to do it later when I'm freer or to be exact, when I'm feeling more rajin. Kehkehkeh. Hey! I just realised that my new blog background reminds me of Coldplay's album cover for Mylo Xyloto. 

No wonder it looks somewhat familiar. Ada la sikit2 resemblance kan. Hehe. Okay lah Pitty, that's all for tonight!



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