Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Says Goodbye, July Says Hello

Dear Pitty,

June has been a really long month. Siti has moved back to her hometown in Sarawak and my three housemates are moving out in August. So far, we haven't found any replacement yet. I'm getting worried, but it's okay. We have the whole July to find new tenants. I myself am moving out in September. As you already know Pitty, I have been wanting to go back to KK for years already. I saw my chance and I am not going to let it slip away AGAIN. This 25th of July will be exactly two years for me working with B*********y. J o n has talked to me about promoting me to the Social Media Operations Analyst position, so I believe that I will be working with the company for at least another one year. Therefore, moving back to my hometown seems like a really good idea. It will save me the monthly house rental and I will get to save more. And going back also means I'll be able to help mom with the bills, which I've been wanting to do since forever. About Fatin, I will just tell her that my landlord is selling the house. She will buy it. Hehe. Well, it is technically true anyway. The landlord is or at least was  selling the house. She even told me that she has found a buyer but the lawyer-related stuff has yet to be settled. But....... I think she was just bluffing to save herself a few ringgits for fixing anything that needs fixing around the house. But there's no way that I'm going to let her get away with it. NO WAY. The previous tenants had been too lenient with the landlord. When something is broken they just left it that way for months or even years or they will just let themselves pay for the cost of repairing instead of deducting it from the rental money. It's not going to happen with me. No way. In fact, we already won against her in the broken fan and leaked sinks case back in March remember? I mean, I won. Hehe.  I know she's been avoiding to let us fix the broken plug points in the living room, but it's okay, I will solve the matter soon like I always do. Huhhh... I can't wait to leave this place. I'm sick of having to take charge of every little thing in this house from taking out the garbage, cleaning the sink, cleaning the bathrooms, the fans, collecting rental money, paying the rental, the bills, calling someone to fix things to dealing with the landlord, EVERYTHING. And all they do is goyang kaki. I don't wanna be calculative when it comes to stuff like this but, I will appreciate if they can at least help with the chores too. I'm sick of playing the "mom" or "kakak" y'know. I'm not even the oldest (as in the longest) tenant here. I've only been staying here for slightly more than one year. Fiza (she's one of the three housemates leaving in August) and Ayu are the "seniors" in this house but they don't even have the landlord's bank account number. Zzzzz.... Okay, enough with the house-related stuff ranting. I need to take a shower now because someone is coming to have a look at Fiza's room and the house.

And by the way, I spent the whole day yesterday watching marathons of How I Met Your Mother, Bunheads, Suburgutory, and Gallery Girls on TV! My favourite Gallery Girls are Angela (I'm totally digging her!), Chantal (although I think she's a bit mean but it's okay because everyone can be mean too sometimes) anddd... oh, that's it. And I feel sorry for Maggie. I can totally relate with her when she thought she got the job at I-forgot-the-name-of-the-gallery but it turned out that the job was offered to someone else (Amy). I can totally relate with that. Remember Pearson Pitty? They offered me the English Editor position and even asked me to go and do the medical check-up but three days before I was supposed to start working they called and said that there was a mistake and I actually didn't get the job. I cried my eyes out for days. Yeah, shit like that happens Maggie. It's okay. Try harder next time! Okay, okay, gotta go now. Until then Pitty!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Massage miss? No, thank you.

Dear Pitty,

I haven't written to you for a few weeks as I've been busy with work. Sorry about that. I might as well write to you tonight now that my backlogs clearing is done. I really have to tell you this anyway. Okay. Be prepared to hear something really dreadful. This evening, I went for a massage at B***a L**a, which is located at Times Square on the 8th floor (thanks to Groupon). It was not horrible. But. It was unpleasant. Super unpleasant. My sentiment really has nothing to do with the place or the service or the masseuse. Overall, it was okay. The only problem was that, I didn't expect that I was expected to be completely unclothed. (now it doesn't really sound okay, does it?) Gosh. How could it not occur to me in the first place I do not know. Oh my God Pitty!!!! I never felt so embarrassed in my life before!!! I almost "chickened out" at the last minute. I was so stupid to think that I would be given some kind of a robe or cloth. Urgh. I named my blog .nurul stripped bare. before and today, I was LITERALLY stripped bare. I was such a fool. But good thing that the masseuse was kind enough to cover my other body parts with a towel while she massaged the other parts (but not before I persuaded her to do so). She must think that I'm real stupid. I bet. I could tell from the way she talked to me. She was like, "You tak tengok ke kat voucher tu? You tak pernah pegi massage ke? Kalau oil massage memang macam ni bla bla bla bla bla." Oh my God I felt so humiliated. So degraded. Luckily the massage was done with the lights out and our only source of light was a candle or maybe a few candles. I couldn't see as I was lying face down on the bed. The only thing that covered me apart from that towel was some kind of a disposable G-string. That unholy little piece of cloth which barely even covered my behind. The masseuse asked me whether I'd be interested in coming back and my stupid answer was "Erm. Maybe." What I really wanted to say was, "NO! NEVER AGAIN!!!" but she could sense from the reluctance of my response anyway because she said, "Mesti you tak mau dah kan sebab you pun tak biasa." Urggghhhhh banyak kali aku beristighfar dalam hati and promised Allah that I will never go to a place like that anymore after this (I'm making it sounds like I went to a brothel or something). Unless it is operated by muslimah. I'm not being prejudiced or biased and I am absolutely not being racist (because it has nothing to do with race in the first place), but.... Islam forbids it. No, not going for a massage or spa of course. But a muslim woman is forbidden to show her aurat not only to a non-muhrim man, but also to a non-muslim woman. I already knew that. Why did I even go in the first place I don't know. I was so stupid. The more embarrassing moment was when the masseuse wrapped my entire body using cling film or food wrap where I was required to stand on the floor (yes yes without the towel, but luckily I was allowed to cover my chest with a mini towel) after she applied the body mask on my ENTIRE body (minus my chest). Then she left me alone in the room for the 30-minute body detoxifying steam. Gah! I never wanna go to spa anymore. This was a very very very good lesson for me. Going there was a mistake that will never be repeated again. When the session ended, a consultant tried to talk me into purchasing another two more sessions which are of course offered at a discounted price (this was expected) but I didn't even have to say anything to make her understand that I was going to refuse the offer. I suspect that she was informed by the masseuse about what happened in the massage room. And most likely the ENTIRE staff also know. Urgh. She asked how the service was and my only comment was "It was okay, it was good." When the truth is, the massage TIDAK best langsung. Seriously. Aku rasa kerusi massage yg selalu ada di shopping malls tu lagi best. Yg RM1 untuk 3 minit tu.  Ok la ok, it wasn't so bad. Tapi kalau dia urut kuat sikit mesti best. Well, what can you expect from a RM38 deal right? (original price is RM380). Harga sudah kurang, servis pun kurang lohh... Zzzz.... Habis sign apa yg patut, aku cepat2 bergegas laju (orang Malaysia memang suka ayat redundant) ke surau untuk solat maghrib sambil nekad di dalam hati yg aku tidak akan menjejakkan kaki aku ke tempat itu lagi.

There. There was my dreadful story. I hope you'll learn a lesson from it as well Pitty. Have a good night's sleep. I know I will. Or not.


Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Monday, June 17, 2013

My Crushes

Crush #1
Johnny Depp

Crush #2
Adam Brody

Crush #3
Jim Sturgess

Crush #4
Robert Schwartzman

Crush #5
Andrew VanWyngarden

Crush #6
Sergio Pizzorno

Crush #7
Cillian Murphy

Crush #8
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Crush #9
Keaton Henson

Crush #10
Ben Wishaw

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Saturday, June 15, 2013


I've been very good at ignoring my phone lately. Too good. But I learned my lesson today. Which was;



Girl Crushes

Girl Crush #1
Celia Edell (Blogger)

Girl Crush #2
Tavi Gevinson (Blogger)

Girl Crush #3
Diana Rikasari (Blogger)

Girl Crush #4
Nab Nabb (Online Vintage Shop Owner)

Girl Crush #5
Zooey Deschanel (Actress)

Girl Crush #6
Chloe Moretz (Actress)

Girl Crush #7
Christina Suzanne Stockstill (Actress)

Girl Crush #8
Soko (Singer/Actress)

Girl Crush #9
Gwen Stefani (Singer)

Girl Crush #10
Daria Morgendorffer (Well, I believe I don't need to tell you who she is)

Photo sources: Owners' blogs and Google Images

Friday, June 14, 2013

2013 Movies I've Seen So Far


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

2013 Tahun Berkat (bagi aku dan orang-orang yg aku sayang)

Ke hadapan Pitty,

Bila diingat-ingat kembali, setakat bulan Jun 2013 ni, memang banyak perkara yg menggembirakan berlaku dalam hidup aku tahun ini. Directly or indirectly. Antara yg boleh aku ingat ialah (bukan dalam turutan);
  1. Mama pegi umrah dengan Macik Inah
  2. Suzie bertunang dan sudah pun sah menjadi isteri orang
  3. Faezah & Baen bakal menimang cahaya mata mereka yg pertama
  4. Fatin sambung belajar di Unisel
  5. Abang Zul akan balik beraya tahun ini
  6. Sudah dapat memaafkan orang yg menjadi punca kesedihan dan kehancuran hati aku dulu
  7. Lebih bersyukur dengan apa yg Allah kurniakan pada aku dan keluarga
  8. Hati rasa lebih tenang
  9. Lebih produktif dalam kerja
  10. Dan perkara yg paling besar dan bermakna sekali bagi diri aku sendiri ialah, aku sudah bertudung :-)
Dan sejak aku bertudung ni, banyak perubahan positif (yg berkaitan dengan diri aku sebagai seorang muslimah) yg aku dapat rasakan berlaku (dalaman dan luaran) dan rasanya tidak perlulah aku tuliskan di sini, sebab takut nanti jadi riak pulak.

Ini adalah antara perkara-perkara yg menggembirakan aku yg terjadi pada tahun ini. Walaupun tahun ini ialah tahun aku rasa paling pokai, at least bukanlah disebabkan benda-benda yg tidak berfaedah. Itu pun, tidak perlulah aku mention di sini. Iya, memang aku belum bertemu jodoh atau mendapat pekerjaan yg lebih baik (kerajaan) atau mempunyai lesen memandu, apatah lagi kereta mahupun rumah sendiri, tapi dengan izin Allah semua itu akan terjadi juga sooner or later. Maybe sooner than you think. Insha Allah...

Kesimpulannya, I feel really blessed. Thank you Allah.

P/s: Sorilah, bahasa rojak lagi. Zzzzz....

Yang benar,

Monday, June 10, 2013


Dear Pitty,

I am the type of person who always thinks of the past. I think about not only the bad things, but also  the good things that always seem to take place in my life in succession of the bad ones. And I am also the type of person who believes everything happens for a reason.

Looking back at what happened to me, what other people did to me, what I did to other people, I always feel that it was for the best, and it's true. What happened was meant to happen. And it was all for good reasons, if not better.

What happened to Rizal may probably be the best thing that could have ever happened to him, because I wasn't the best for him. What happened to me was the best thing that has ever happened to me, because Nasik wasn't the best for me, and perhaps neither was I. What happened to us was meant to happen and it happened for all the right reasons. We surely didn't see it in the beginning, but look at us now, look at me now. I finally found peace. Within me. Now I truly believe that everything happens for a reason, and the reason is good. And I am grateful for the qada' and qadar, and I hope you are too, whoever you are.

To all of the people whom I have wronged, please forgive me, for I am nothing but only a human being who has many errors and imperfections. To all of the people whom have wronged me, I forgive you.

May Allah bless us all.



Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Lagi Entri Berkenaan Template Blog Aku

Ke hadapan Pitty,

Macam ni, petang tadi kan aku cakap bila aku buka blog aku pakai notebook Lenovo aku tu, background blog aku keluar kan. Jadi, balik rumah tadi lepas habis menikmati nasi putih dengan tomyam campur (yg bila aku sudah habis makan baru aku perasan ada lalat mati dalam tu, celaka), aku pun bukalah blog aku guna notebook aku tuh sebab aku mau cek balik. Tengok2, HITAM LEGAM jak background aku! Arrggghhhh!!! Aku syak ini mesti disebabkan aku clear browsing history (aku memang sudah terbiasa clear browsing history ni sejak aku kerja di Esmerk lagi, bukannya pasal aku surf porno tau!) Jadi aku dengan meluat tahap gaban dengan background blog aku yg asyik x mahu keluar saja pun uninstall dan install, uninstall dan install, uninstall dan install lah Mozilla Firefox (aku kalau blogging memang lebih suka pakai Mozilla Firefox berbanding Google Chrome), but to no avail. Dan dalam kesakitan hati tu, aku pun usha2 lah templates lain dari websites nih; Shabby Blogs, The Cutest Blog On The Block, dan BlogSkins. Memang comel2 templates yg available, tapi kebanyakannya macam terlalu girly bagi aku. Tapi memang comel, tidak dapat dinafikan. Jadi, aku pilihlah satu template ni;

comel kan comel kan comel kan
Dan bila aku sudah copy dan paste kan html code layout tu, masa aku mahu preview rupa baru blog aku, tiba2 aku tengok di bahagian template (Live on Blog) tu, ada pulak background aku tuh appear (aku belum save html code yg baru tu). So bila aku view blog aku, voila! Ada pulak. Zzzzz.... Sakitnya hati aku main2 plak background nihhhh... Urrgghhh.... Tau pulak dia takut sebab aku mahu tukar template lain. Sengal. Tapi, disebabkan background aku tu sudah muncul semula, jadi aku pun x jadilah tukar template. Mungkin nanti bila aku sudah mual tengok background aku yg sengal nih barulah aku tukar.


P/S: This is why I rarely blog using Malay, because when I do, my writing is horrible. No, not because I'm not proficient in the Malay language, but because I'm always torn between wanting to use the standard Malay and the tendency to use Sabahan Malay. So there, my justification for preferring English in blogging or Facebooking or tweeting. It's well justified. Right?

Yang benar,


Bila aku buka blog aku pakai noteboook Lenovo aku nih, background baru aku keluar, tapi pakai laptop zaman batu aku tu x (I'm trying to avoid using "tidak" and "tak" because I feel awkward using either in my personal writing) keluar pula. Dan tu memang masih x boleh buka.


Monday, June 03, 2013


Dear Pitty,

So I went to watch KIL as planned today. It was a nice movie, I enjoyed it. Of course, most movies can't run from the boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love cliche, but yeah, it was enjoyable enough for me although it had loopholes here and there. The attraction (for me) was the girl, whom I didn't think was actually my age. I saw in someone's blog just now that Christina Suzanne Stockstill, the actress who played Zara in the movie, is actually 28! Woah! I thought she was 22 tops! Okay la, maybe masa film shooting tu she was not 28 yet, because I've read about this movie a couple of years ago. Lagipun bila aku tengok gambar2 terbaru Christina tu, she looks quite different from how she looked like in the movie. She now looks skinnier. But pretty all the same. She is a "hybrid" of Malay and German! No wonder she's so pretty.... Huh.... *girl crush* KIL is actually not her first film. She acted in My Indie Rock Darling (2006) before. I've never seen it and am too lazy to google for it, so please, help yourself. She also did several TV series which include Bicara Hati (also starring Josiah Hogan, the vocalist of a local grunge band, Maddame). I'm not gonna write what's the movie about since I know would be redundant but I'm gonna write about what I think about the movie. KIL is both predictable and unpredictable. Predictable because everyone knows even before watching the movie that the boy is not really going to kill himself or gets himself killed because he will fall in love with the girl. Of course. Also, I could guess that Life Action Bureau (LAB), the company which provides the "solution" for people who no longer want to live (READ: kill them), actually provides a service of total opposite when Akil (Redza Minhat) went to see the company's consultant, a character played by Harun Salim Bachik. However, Zara's character did make the plot tricky. I knew that the company doesn't actually hire agents to kill its clients but I wasn't sure what to make of Zara. And this is where it's unpredictable; I was surprised to find out that Akil actually had only been imagining that his younger brother and mother were still alive. Akil lost them both in a car accident (he was the one driving the car). There was no mention about what happened to his father though or even if he ever knew his father at all. So Akil lived all alone since his mother and brother died. If I had been more observant, I would've been able to see the foreshadow (hints that Akil actually has nobody in his life anymore) when he was having that conversation about suicide with Zara on the rooftop. In the conversation, Zara said that people who committed suicide are selfish because it would only make their family and friends suffer, but Akil disagreed by saying that perhaps they really had nobody in their lives. The happy ending is well, yeah, expected. Overall, I give the movie 3.5 stars out of 5 and if it didn't have a happy ending I would give it 1.5 star. Hehe. There, my poor little summary of the movie. I actually intended to write about my outing today, but tiba2 melalut pasal movie ni plak. Okaylah, malas sudah, mau tidur. Bisuk kerja. Good night Pitty!

P/S: Kili is a Sabahan term for a silly person and it is often used as a negative remark but in a joking manner


Saturday, June 01, 2013

What Happened to Snazzy?

Dear Pitty,

I logged in to Blogger today with the intention to look at my pretty blog (ceh, pretty la sangat) and of course to write something. Then suddenly it only shows black background. I thought it had something to do with the html codes but when I tried to open, where I got the template, Firefox said that the site could not be found. I tried opening it using Google Chrome, same result. Huh.... I hope this is only temporary. I hope they are just updating the site. But what's weird is that my Twitter account was not affected. I'm using Snazzy theme and header for my Twitter too. Ntahlah. I'll give it a few days. Hope it will go back to normal soon because I am really liking my blog's new face. If it doesn't, then I'll have to find another template. Urgh. I really hope I can find something that I like. Jahatlah. Suda jumpa yg aku suka, jadi camni pulak. Bikin panas.

Okay, enough about Snazzy. I just bought myself a ticket to see KIL, a new local low-budget movie, for the 1.30pm show tomorrow at TGV Mines. At first I intended to go to Mid Valley, but then I thought, malas lah mau pi jauh2. After all, I'm planning to buy some stuff after the movie so, I wouldn't want to carry all those things all the way from Mid Valley back to Serdang later. So The Mines is a better option. I went to TGV Mines twice recently and it wasn't so bad. Hehe, actually it wasn't so recent. It was back in 2012 for The Amazing Spiderman and for the second visit I cannot recall when and which movie. TGV's popcorn and hotdog have always been better than GSC's anyway. Hahaha. So, yeah, I'm gonna enjoy myself tomorrow. I haven't been to the cinema alone for quite some time so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. :-)

Today is actually my mom's birthday. I tried to call her earlier but her phone is switched off. I think she must be in the plane back to KK from Tawau. Ahh my little cousin is a married woman now. Alhamdulillah... I'm happy for her. I hope that Allah will bless her marriage and may she and her husband have a prosperous and beautiful life together. Can't believe that I'll become an aunt soon, insyaa Allah... :-)

Oh ya, looks like I'll be spending my weekend with my aunts next week. Macik Tam is having her convocation on June 7 in Putrajaya, so Macik Tipah asked me to join them for a few days. The plan is to stay at a homestay for 2 nights until Saturday. I found a few suitable places via ibilik earlier (Macik Tipah asked me to help her look) and already sent the links to Syasya (Macik Tipah's eldest child). I hope that she will find one of the two places I suggested okay enough for them. I mean, for us. I can't say that I look forward to next weekend, but... ndapalah.... Since I rarely involved myself in such family gatherings before, so... Alright alright, I'll go this time. How bad could it be anyway right?

Oh ya, one more thing, I almost forgot, I finally finished reading Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl this morning. I would've finished it sooner if I didn't leave the book in Fatin's bag when she spent the weekend at my place in April. The ending was heartbreaking (not as bad as how Heavier Than Heaven: The Biography of Kurt Cobain made me cry though). She died soon after her elder sister, Margot, died at the end of February or early March 1945 at Belsen (a Nazi concentration camp) where the prisoners weren't provided with food or even water. So I suppose, Anne, her sister, and their mother died of starvation. Anne's last diary entry was on August 1, 1944 where she wrote about her having a dual personality, good and bad, and that her bad side, which she described as "a flirt, know-all, cheerful, high-spirited, making fun of everything, taking everything lightly, giving cheeky answers, shrugging shoulders indifferently, and behaving as if she doesn't care," was the more dominant side of her. According to Anne, the real her was the total opposite. She said that she tried to show people her good side, her "deeper" side, but it was too frail for the bad side so it was never present when there were other people around, but it was almost always the predominant one when Anne was alone with her good and bad Annes. You see, all these descriptions about her having a dual personality and whatnot showed that she actually didn't really think that their hiding place, the "Secret Annexe", would be found by the Gestapo. She didn't really see it coming, although that wasn't the case a few months or years previously. She was all hopeful and cheerful about the thought of the war ending soon, about the thought of going back to school in October 1944 in her earlier diary entry. Heartbreaking isn't it, Pitty? It left me wondering, when would be my last blog entry? And what would I be writing about?


P/S: This is my 100th entry by the way