Sunday, June 30, 2013

June Says Goodbye, July Says Hello

Dear Pitty,

June has been a really long month. Siti has moved back to her hometown in Sarawak and my three housemates are moving out in August. So far, we haven't found any replacement yet. I'm getting worried, but it's okay. We have the whole July to find new tenants. I myself am moving out in September. As you already know Pitty, I have been wanting to go back to KK for years already. I saw my chance and I am not going to let it slip away AGAIN. This 25th of July will be exactly two years for me working with B*********y. J o n has talked to me about promoting me to the Social Media Operations Analyst position, so I believe that I will be working with the company for at least another one year. Therefore, moving back to my hometown seems like a really good idea. It will save me the monthly house rental and I will get to save more. And going back also means I'll be able to help mom with the bills, which I've been wanting to do since forever. About Fatin, I will just tell her that my landlord is selling the house. She will buy it. Hehe. Well, it is technically true anyway. The landlord is or at least was  selling the house. She even told me that she has found a buyer but the lawyer-related stuff has yet to be settled. But....... I think she was just bluffing to save herself a few ringgits for fixing anything that needs fixing around the house. But there's no way that I'm going to let her get away with it. NO WAY. The previous tenants had been too lenient with the landlord. When something is broken they just left it that way for months or even years or they will just let themselves pay for the cost of repairing instead of deducting it from the rental money. It's not going to happen with me. No way. In fact, we already won against her in the broken fan and leaked sinks case back in March remember? I mean, I won. Hehe.  I know she's been avoiding to let us fix the broken plug points in the living room, but it's okay, I will solve the matter soon like I always do. Huhhh... I can't wait to leave this place. I'm sick of having to take charge of every little thing in this house from taking out the garbage, cleaning the sink, cleaning the bathrooms, the fans, collecting rental money, paying the rental, the bills, calling someone to fix things to dealing with the landlord, EVERYTHING. And all they do is goyang kaki. I don't wanna be calculative when it comes to stuff like this but, I will appreciate if they can at least help with the chores too. I'm sick of playing the "mom" or "kakak" y'know. I'm not even the oldest (as in the longest) tenant here. I've only been staying here for slightly more than one year. Fiza (she's one of the three housemates leaving in August) and Ayu are the "seniors" in this house but they don't even have the landlord's bank account number. Zzzzz.... Okay, enough with the house-related stuff ranting. I need to take a shower now because someone is coming to have a look at Fiza's room and the house.

And by the way, I spent the whole day yesterday watching marathons of How I Met Your Mother, Bunheads, Suburgutory, and Gallery Girls on TV! My favourite Gallery Girls are Angela (I'm totally digging her!), Chantal (although I think she's a bit mean but it's okay because everyone can be mean too sometimes) anddd... oh, that's it. And I feel sorry for Maggie. I can totally relate with her when she thought she got the job at I-forgot-the-name-of-the-gallery but it turned out that the job was offered to someone else (Amy). I can totally relate with that. Remember Pearson Pitty? They offered me the English Editor position and even asked me to go and do the medical check-up but three days before I was supposed to start working they called and said that there was a mistake and I actually didn't get the job. I cried my eyes out for days. Yeah, shit like that happens Maggie. It's okay. Try harder next time! Okay, okay, gotta go now. Until then Pitty!


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