Saturday, June 22, 2013

Massage miss? No, thank you.

Dear Pitty,

I haven't written to you for a few weeks as I've been busy with work. Sorry about that. I might as well write to you tonight now that my backlogs clearing is done. I really have to tell you this anyway. Okay. Be prepared to hear something really dreadful. This evening, I went for a massage at B***a L**a, which is located at Times Square on the 8th floor (thanks to Groupon). It was not horrible. But. It was unpleasant. Super unpleasant. My sentiment really has nothing to do with the place or the service or the masseuse. Overall, it was okay. The only problem was that, I didn't expect that I was expected to be completely unclothed. (now it doesn't really sound okay, does it?) Gosh. How could it not occur to me in the first place I do not know. Oh my God Pitty!!!! I never felt so embarrassed in my life before!!! I almost "chickened out" at the last minute. I was so stupid to think that I would be given some kind of a robe or cloth. Urgh. I named my blog .nurul stripped bare. before and today, I was LITERALLY stripped bare. I was such a fool. But good thing that the masseuse was kind enough to cover my other body parts with a towel while she massaged the other parts (but not before I persuaded her to do so). She must think that I'm real stupid. I bet. I could tell from the way she talked to me. She was like, "You tak tengok ke kat voucher tu? You tak pernah pegi massage ke? Kalau oil massage memang macam ni bla bla bla bla bla." Oh my God I felt so humiliated. So degraded. Luckily the massage was done with the lights out and our only source of light was a candle or maybe a few candles. I couldn't see as I was lying face down on the bed. The only thing that covered me apart from that towel was some kind of a disposable G-string. That unholy little piece of cloth which barely even covered my behind. The masseuse asked me whether I'd be interested in coming back and my stupid answer was "Erm. Maybe." What I really wanted to say was, "NO! NEVER AGAIN!!!" but she could sense from the reluctance of my response anyway because she said, "Mesti you tak mau dah kan sebab you pun tak biasa." Urggghhhhh banyak kali aku beristighfar dalam hati and promised Allah that I will never go to a place like that anymore after this (I'm making it sounds like I went to a brothel or something). Unless it is operated by muslimah. I'm not being prejudiced or biased and I am absolutely not being racist (because it has nothing to do with race in the first place), but.... Islam forbids it. No, not going for a massage or spa of course. But a muslim woman is forbidden to show her aurat not only to a non-muhrim man, but also to a non-muslim woman. I already knew that. Why did I even go in the first place I don't know. I was so stupid. The more embarrassing moment was when the masseuse wrapped my entire body using cling film or food wrap where I was required to stand on the floor (yes yes without the towel, but luckily I was allowed to cover my chest with a mini towel) after she applied the body mask on my ENTIRE body (minus my chest). Then she left me alone in the room for the 30-minute body detoxifying steam. Gah! I never wanna go to spa anymore. This was a very very very good lesson for me. Going there was a mistake that will never be repeated again. When the session ended, a consultant tried to talk me into purchasing another two more sessions which are of course offered at a discounted price (this was expected) but I didn't even have to say anything to make her understand that I was going to refuse the offer. I suspect that she was informed by the masseuse about what happened in the massage room. And most likely the ENTIRE staff also know. Urgh. She asked how the service was and my only comment was "It was okay, it was good." When the truth is, the massage TIDAK best langsung. Seriously. Aku rasa kerusi massage yg selalu ada di shopping malls tu lagi best. Yg RM1 untuk 3 minit tu.  Ok la ok, it wasn't so bad. Tapi kalau dia urut kuat sikit mesti best. Well, what can you expect from a RM38 deal right? (original price is RM380). Harga sudah kurang, servis pun kurang lohh... Zzzz.... Habis sign apa yg patut, aku cepat2 bergegas laju (orang Malaysia memang suka ayat redundant) ke surau untuk solat maghrib sambil nekad di dalam hati yg aku tidak akan menjejakkan kaki aku ke tempat itu lagi.

There. There was my dreadful story. I hope you'll learn a lesson from it as well Pitty. Have a good night's sleep. I know I will. Or not.


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