Monday, July 08, 2013

Describing Myself in Four Words: Daria Outside, SpongeBob Inside


Sometimes I do wish I was a bit friendlier with people. I mean, in real life, not online. Like SpongeBob. Sometimes I feel like my Daria appearance (READ: big glasses, nerdy looking, lackadaisical,  misanthropic, cynical, etcetera etcetera) is just a facade. Or to be more accurate, it is just a mask. I'm not saying that I'm a hypocrite, but there are always two sides of everything right? Good and evil, the sun and the moon, day and night, men and women, right and left. Even walls have two sides. So these are my sides. My inside and my outside. I'm saying this because once you really really get to know me, I am not all that Daria is (inside). I am SPONGEBOB. Silly, clumsy, giddy, always laughing at the lamest jokes. Always making the lamest jokes. I'm saying this also to tell people that I am friendly, approachable, and all around a nice person. People always mistake me as someone who's always mean (I can be mean but not all the time) and heartless and emotionless like Daria (but I'm not saying that she's a bad person. Erm I mean, cartoon character) when actually I am a very compassionate person, I am sensitive, I am NOT emotionless. I have a heart. I may have the "Daria look" but to even have the faintest idea that I am her twin is an insult to her entire "existence" because I don't have even half her wit and intelligence. So please people, stop calling me Daria. I adore her, but do not call me Daria. Call me SpongeBob.

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