Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ramadhan 1434H: Day 7

I'm still at my mom's hotel here at Berjaya Times Square Hotel. But what I'm about to write is not about the fancy room or the comfy bed or the massive bathroom, but about my stupid argument (I don't like to call it a fight) with Fatin this evening. Yeah, she came all the way from Kota Puteri, Bestari Jaya by bus+komuter+monorail and it took her around 3 hours to get here. Of course I'm excited that she's here! But I got really mad when she told me she was going to buy a new t-shirt or blouse using the money I gave her for food! Argue punya argue then dia merajuk pastue terus she took her laptop and bag and left the room. I tried calling her many times but of course she didn't pick up. I asked mom to call her (mom was still at the kursus place at the time) and when I called mom back she said that Fatin was heading to KL Sentral. Mau balik Kota Puteri la tu kunun. Long story short, she returned to the hotel at last. Huh... Evening drama. But I was glad she came back because I would feel really bad if she really went back to Kota Puteri. Drama Queen punya budak. Urh, there's nothing we can do about it anyway, because melodramatic is in our gene. Zzzzz....

Tapi sebenarnya aku terharu and rasa sedih sikit jugak la to know what she had done to earn some extra money. There's no need for me to list it down here. But I'm proud of her. Sorry little sister. You surely deserve more credit from me. But I know she knows that I love her. :') There, proof that melodramatic is in our gene.

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