Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ramadhan 1434H: Day 8 - Day 12

Day 8

I was on a half day leave. Had a nice sahur buffet with Fatin (thanks to mama for letting one of us use her breakfast coupon and to her colleague who decided to leave a day earlier than scheduled so we had an extra coupon hehe :D). Fatin went back to Kota Puteri after going to Low Yat Plaza with mama. I checked out with mama at 12pm then we left our stuff at the storage room in the hotel's lobby then went shopping at Berjaya Times Square. I finally bought the shirt that has Bart Simpsons heads on it and mom bought me a dress for raya. :D Mama also bought several blouses for herself and she was so happy to find them at prices so cheap and almost unheard of in Kota Kinabalu. We finished shopping before 4pm and reached Serdang at around 6pm (I think). Then I took mama to the bazaar Ramadhan. Having her here at my "rumah bujang" was so surreal. In a very very good way. :')

Mine. I LOVE LOVE LOVE croissants!

Day 9

Full day leave. Took mama to Masjid India/Jalan TAR to shop for Ain's raya clothes. We bought 2 baju kurung for her as well as shawls for her and her friends. Mama also took the opportunity (of the crazy cheap prices) to buy more blouses and tudung. Hehe. I didn't buy anything for me although mama offered, because I'm planning to go raya shopping with Fatin on the day before we'll go back to KK. Had our sungkai at Central Market's food court. I lurrrrveeeee the ice-cream toast.

I didn't take any photo during our shopping trip (perhaps I should), because I was too lazy to take out my camera, but I did take some post-shopping photos. Here there are.

Hmmm nyesal pulak nda beli manggis ni
Mama picking her dragon fruit
In that bag is our "hasil shopping" hehehe
I love this ice-cream toast!

Day 10

I worked on Friday. The original plan was to go to Macik Tipah's place in the evening but since I was working, we decided to go on Saturday instead. I wouldn't want to be wasting my working hours with the time consuming travel from Serdang to Kg Subang. Lagi pun Fatin nda dapat datang awal pun. Lepas maghrib baru dia gerak dari Kota Puteri ikut kawan dia yg kena pick up by her family. Mama pun dapat la berehat the whole day. She helped with the laundry though. Thanks ma. :')

Day 11

Went to Macik Tipah's house. We had sungkai beramai-ramai with Ucu + family too. An unexpected guest (Pacik Hashim) came with makanan yg gila berlambak-lambak. My cousin Hafiz even said, "Wow, dah macam kat hotel plak." Haha. Memang banyak gila. But alhamdulillah there was no wastage. We gave some leftovers to Ucu for sahur and kept some for ourselves. Oh yeah, I haven't explained to you why I said Pacik Hashim was an unexpected guest, have I? Actually.... Macik Tipah and Pacik Hashim had divorced in May 2013 (which was a real surprise!!). But there's something even more surprising than this but I'm not going to reveal it here. It made me wonder, how secretive can this family be? Mama told me when I told her that Macik Tipah had changed her car to Myvi (before this she used Hyundai Sorento so I think you can imagine my shock). At first I thought she was just having a financial problem. Who knew that it was a much bigger issue than that. Kesian macik.... I hope she'll be okay....

Yup. That is my shirt that I wore on Thursday. Meet my sister, Fatin. Zzzz
Mama thought SpongeBob and Bart Simpsons were the same characters (-_-")
On our way to Macik Tipah's

Day 12

Sent mom to KLIA for her 3.30pm flight. I miss her already. :'( But it's okay, I'll come home soon. :') Then Macik Tipah sent Fatin back to Kota Puteri. But before that, we stopped at Plaza Shah Alam kejap because Macik Tipah needed to take a brief nap coz she was feeling tired and sleepy. I and Fatin took the opportunity to take a look around in the plaza (it was our first time going to Plaza Shah Alam) and guess what???? We found the baju kurung!!!! :D We're going back there for our raya shopping on 3 August. Hehehe. Cannot wait. I broke my fast on the bus while on my way home. The bus left Kota Raya at around 7.30pm and I reached home at slightly after 8pm. Quite fast huh. I thought I would miss maghrib prayer but alhamdulillah I didn't.

At KLIA. Macik Tipah obviously looked tired.
P/S: I guess that's all for tonight. I am soooo sleepy and tired. Need to rest. I'll add the details I might have forgotten once I'm fully rested. Good night and selamat bersahur esok! Don't forget the niat! :-)

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