Thursday, April 24, 2014

An Evening in Sipitang

Dear Pitty,

I received an unexpected visit from a friend, Pija, this evening. Well, it wasn't really unexpected since I was the one who told her to come hang out with me whenever she happens to be in Sipitang. But... I didn't expect that it was gonna be on a Thursday. She PMed me on WeChat at around 5pm saying that she was already in Lubok Darat, which is around 20 minutes from my nenek's house (gauging by the time she arrived to pick me up). Pija and I aren't that close but we were in the same class during Form 4 and 5. We also went to the same sekolah agama since Primary 1 until 6. She is now teaching English at a primary school in Beaufort.

We went to Esplanade Sipitang (where else could anyone go here?) for some satay and bakso. I took her to the Sate Jamrut stall because their satay is the best in town. I wasn't really hungry because I had a late lunch (if she told me in advance I would've had my lunch earlier), but I didn't want to hurt her feelings since she drove all the way from Beaufort (around 1 hour and 30 minutes from here) so I ate anyway. Yeah, I'm good like that, hahaha. She just came back from Langkawi and she gave me a key chain hehe. The outing was brief but nice. We had a little chat about our jobs. She told me how stressful it is to be a teacher and her plan to pursue a Master's degree soon. I wish her all the best! Thanks to her for making my day a little out of the ordinary. :-)

And here are some of the pictures that we took.

With flash (unedited)
Without flash
And this is a picture of the sun rising
I took by the window of my nenek's bedroom
after subuh the other day
That's all for now Pitty! Until I write you again! Take care!


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