Monday, April 14, 2014

I See Dead Pixel

Yeah, the blog title speaks for itself. "Arrrggghhhh there is a dead pixel on my laptop screeeeeeeen!!!!!" is the top news story of Nurul Hanani's life on April 14, 2014. I just couldn't believe my eyes to find a not so tiny black spot on my laptop screen this morning. I thought it was dust or dirt at first. Arrrgghhh so frustrating because the laptop is only a couple of weeks old!!!! I couldn't stop obsessing over it but I had to force myself to focus on my WARS writing. Urgh. I made some googling and found that dead pixels are not fixable, unlike stuck pixels, which could be removed using some pixel fixing software available online.  I tried a couple of them such as JScreenFix and LCD Repair V2.0, nevertheless, to no avail. I contacted the retailer from which I got my Acer laptop and they told me to check with Acer itself regarding the dead pixel policy. So I called Acer KK service centre and a lady informed me that they can only give me a free screen replacement if I have at least SEVEN dead/stuck pixels! I was like, SHOOOOOOTTTT!!!! But she asked me to bring my laptop to the centre so they can take a look at it and possibly fix it for me. Now I regret for not just buying a SONY VAIO laptop as I originally planned. I think Acer is more prone to pixel issues than other brands (I think), because my old Acer laptop has 8 to 10 white dead pixels of various sizes (most of them are small) but they are not as annoying as the one spot on my new laptop screen because it's BLACK! My sisters are using SONY VAIO and Asus and they are so far 100% pixel defect-free! And they have been using the laptops for a while, which makes me all the more disappointed and resentful! URGH! I feel like going back to KK this weekend lah. See la how. >81

BTW, my Sunday driving class is going to be replaced this Wednesday because no instructor was able to teach me yesterday. It just occurred to me this morning that the real problem lies on the clutch, not the accelerator. I actually do not have to release the clutch fully before releasing the hand break. I believe that fully releasing the clutch was what caused the car engine to keep stopping the other day. Urgh you idiot Nurul, of course la! Isn't this what you have been learning in the past several months??? Zzzzz.... I misunderstood the instructor's instruction! He didn't ask me to release it fully, but slowly while slightly pressing the accelerator at the same time. But I also just remembered yesterday that someone told me that it's not necessary to press the accelerator at this point, because the car would still move (same rule as when we just started to move the car; release the clutch a little and hold it until the car is stable enough then only the clutch can be released fully; and then press the accelerator at desired speed). Zzzzz.... I'm going to try both methods this Wednesday and see which one really works!

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