Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Learn to Drive: Day 15 & 16

I think I did okay last Saturday and today. I think I'm doing alright circuit-wise. I just got a little nervous every time Encik Sabri rides the car with me when doing the hill so I tend to let the car slide backwards. But if I do it alone, I can do it very smoothly, like I feel more confident doing it alone. I have to overcome this like ASAP because my JPJ test is coming soon this 3rd of June. Another thing is that I tend to switch gear from 3 to 2 whenever I'm nearing the school/hospital area. Apparently, I don't have to this do but I just need to slow the speed down. I tend to forget that. Zzzzz.... Encik Sabri was like a bit agitated today. Not that I was butthurt or anything, not at all. But I noticed that he was a little worked up today. He mentioned that another student of his complained about something (he didn't say what), so I assume that was what got him into the mood he was in today. The thing about Encik Sabri is, I never felt like he was scolding me whenever he thought he was doing that. That's how cool he is. Like today he said to me, "Bukan aku mau marah, aku cuma kasi ingat kau seja sebab kau selalu lupa." Hehehe, sorry Encik Sabri. I was like (dalam hati), "That was you scolding me?" Lol. For some reason I don't feel intimidated by him, and it's a very very good and important thing to me. 

I can't come for practice this Saturday, but I'll try my best to make it on Sunday evening. I'm going back to KK tomorrow morning (I'm on annual leave today until Friday, so yay for me! :P). Farah's engagement day is on Saturday. So I will be spending tomorrow afternoon and Friday to find gifts for her and Macik Inah as well as baju kurung for myself. I hope can find something nice for less than RM100 (baju kurung). The cheaper the better. Yeah, I'm frugal like that. Ahaha.

Fatin is going back to KL on 2nd June, morning. Syukur alhamdulillah she already received a scholarship offer from MARA. That is surely going to help her a lot. :) And btw, AirA*** owes her RM400 for the baggage delay the other day. Luckily I bought the travel insurance. I always buy travel insurance because I'm aware of how important it is. See? Nda rugi pun beli, hehe. It's gonna be very busy weeks this coming 3 weeks. I'm gonna have to rush back to Sipitang after Farah's engagement because this weekend we're gonna start arranging stuff for Macik Inah's wedding next weekend. And the following weekend would be Farhan's engagement. Not to mention, my FINAL driving class (hurray!) as well as pre-driving and JPJ tests in between. Pergh. I hope everything will go smoothly. Insha Allah.

Oklah, I guess that's all for today. It's almost maghrib. And I need to pack my clothes too. See you later alligator.

P/S: The word "AirA***" was censored because I don't want people from the company I'm working with to find my blog post. If you must know, AirA*** is one of our clients so censoring the word is necessary for me so that this blog post won't be captured in our system. I wouldn't want my colleagues to be reading my stupid blog, would I? Zzzzz....

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