Tuesday, May 20, 2014


I did a lot of net surfing/blog walking today (while working, cough cough) and  from various blogs to Wak Doyok (Wak who?) to Tweed Run (tweed what?) and finally, THIS made me stop!


This AWESOME The Beatles Yellow Submarine collection from VANS!!! Oh my, I WANNNNNTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!! Forget Doc Martens! GIVE. ME. THESEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! Arrrrggghhhhh I'm going crazy here!!! I feel like flying to KL tomorrow and grab one or two or three of these babiessss huwaaaaaa I seriously want these!!!!! But if I had to choose only ONE pair I would definitely go for the high cut one! Oh how I wish I was in KL right at this moment........ :(

Disclaimer: All images belong to VANS Malaysia

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