Friday, May 30, 2014

Learn to Drive: Qualifying Test at the Institute (QTI)

So... My QTI... Hmmm... I passed. Yay (in a flat, unexcited tone). To be honest, not so successfully though. I couldn't do the hill at one shot (and so did at least 5 other people), but luckily, we were given another shot. The man who observed (and marked) us said that if it was a JPJ test, we wouldn't have a second chance. *gasps* I better do better next Tuesday. My mistake was, I didn't press the accelerator enough so that made me slide down backwards. Urgh. Okay, okay, I'll make sure I won't do it again during my JPJ test. Andddddd.... I was given the third chance during the side parking test. The poles! Arrgghhh I hate those poles! The butt of the car kissed one of the poles just as I was getting out of the parking lot, meaning, I did park successfully! Urgh, those evil, evil poles. I secretly hoped that they didn't notice it and I proceeded to do the 3-point turn. I did this part so smoothly. When I went to our observer (a different dude this time; Saiful and Encik Sabri was watching too uhuhu - he also watched during the hill test - malu mak nyah!) to take the green QTI paper, they said, "Kenapa kau langgar tu tiang tadi? Nasib tidak jatuh. Kalau JPJ test fail tu." I was like "Iya.... hee..." yet, they still gave me a pass. Hehehehe. I consider it my luck? Syukur alhamdulillah... Hee... Thanking them, I left and joined the others who had finished their first part of the test outside the office to wait for the second part, the final part, the road test part. I wasn't too nervous about the road test. I think it was the easiest part of all. I got 18/20. Not bad. Not bad at all. My mistakes were 1) signal; not using signal while at the roundabout (trust me, nobody had told me this during my driving lessons, zzzz) and not giving signal before reaching the corner. 2) gear; the tester said that I didn't use the right gear for the right speed. I was like, what? I thought I had done pretty well at that. Well, ndapalah, I was given too many chances today anyway. Hehe. I hope that my luck won't run out for the JPJ test, but, I will do my BEST. Insha Allah, I will PASS not because I'm LUCKY, but because I truly DESERVE it. I'm very grateful to Allah for allowing me to pass my QTI. Thank youuuuu sooooo much Allah! I love You! :)

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