Thursday, May 15, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Fek Bagon!

Today I'd like to talk about "Fek Bagon". What is Fek Bagon, you ask? It's some kind of a game, which I believe is familiar among most Sabahans. How is it played, you ask? Well, it requires at least 2 players; a "feker" and a "fekee" and a Volkswagen Beetle car. Hahaha sorry, it's really hard to describe the word "fek" in English (or any other language for that matter) because this word really only exists in Sabah (as far as I'm concerned), but I'll try my best.

"Fek" (verb) is an act where the feker hits (with only a little force and not meant to hurt) the fekee's head using his/her index and middle fingers. "Bagon" (noun) is a word used by Sabahans to refer to the Volkswagen Beetle car, which is my favourite car. :) This game has only one rule; who spots the Bagon first is the only one who gets to be the feker.  So it's like this, when one of the two people sees a Volkswagen Beetle car, s/he will "fek" the other person's head and say "Fek Bagon!" at the same time. This game is typically impromptu and the players will never really see it coming, which makes it all the more fun and exciting, depending on the fekee's mood. Hahaha. I used to love playing this silly game with my ex-boyfriend and I have to admit that it is one of the veeeeeeeery few things that I miss about being with him bahahahaha. We would scramble to fek each other's heads when we saw a Bagon and it would usually turn into our silly little competition. I would fek his head as hard as possible. Well, because he was my boyfriend and it was funner that way hahaha. He always won the game though. And I would sulk because I was the one who introduced the game to him and Bagon is MY favourite car, not his. I found that Fek Bagon was more enjoyable in Ipoh and I believe this was a mutual thing between me and my ex-boyfriend. This is because we could find countless number of Bagon cars in Ipoh. Sometimes, more than 10 in a day! If we were lucky (or should I say the feker?), we could even spot 5 Bagons one after another within very little time in between. This is one of the many things I love about Ipoh.

Whenever we saw a Bagon car and we were not together, we would take a picture of the Bagon and MMS it saying "Fek bagon!" Hahaha. Memories. I stopped playing the game with him since I found out about his cheating. Hahaha. Memories. Zzzz.... But yeah, when I see a Bagon now it will definitely remind me of the good old times that we had. The times that were filled with silly fun and laughter. Those days. They feel so far away, like they were thousands of years ago, so far from my reach. Huh, sigh. I'm not trying to romanticize my ex-boyfriend okay, I'm simply trying to do a Throwback Thursday post here. And please don't get me wrong. I don't miss him, I just miss the memories. There is a difference okay! Anyway, here are some Volkswagen Beetle photos. Aren't they beauties? I would loooooooveeeeee to have one one day. Adorned with groovy-hippie-psychedelic airbrush painting. Huhhhh such a dream. Hahaha. Oklah. That's all and....... fek bagon (10X)! :P

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