Monday, June 30, 2014

The Napoleon Dynamite Dudes

From left: Napoleon Dynamite (Jon Heder), Kip Dynamite (Aaron Ruell), Pedro Sánchez (Efren Ramirez), Uncle Rico/Rico Dynamite (Jon Gries)

These dudes are pretty cute, aren't they now? Especially lil Kip over there. I dunno, facial hair has always been a turn-on for me. Ngehehe. Okay Nurul, that's enough. Shut up and go to bed will ya?

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Ramadhan 1435H: Day 1

It's Ramadhan again! :D I spent the first day of this year's Ramadhan with my granma. I got back here from KK on Saturday evening. Both my aunts aren't home, so I have to keep my granma company. Good that I'm here, because... My granma couldn't even remember that today we should be fasting, despite the fact that we had sahur together and that she had been reminded about it a few times. She even drank water while I was preparing sungkai meal this evening. I only realised when I saw her washing a glass at the sink. Sigh. So yep, I'm glad to be here with her and I know she is too.

I cooked ayam masak kurma! I can say that it tasted pretty good, considering that it was my first time cooking this dish and the fact that I couldn't taste the taste during the cooking process. Granma seemed to enjoy it. So yeah, congrats for not screwing up dinner Nurul! Hahaha.

What else did I do today? I watched some TV, did my laundry, took naps, and yep, that was it. By the way, I'm watching Napoleon Dynamite. Again. For the 500th time. Or something like that. Ally never returned the DVD to me. Along with some other movie DVDs. But it's okay. Cause I didn't return his DVDs too. Astro has been replaying Napoleon Dynamite lately. I recorded it. So I can watch it anytime I want now. Okay, that's all I think. Vote for Pedro! And uh yeah, happy fasting!

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bintukeduaismail: Random sharing ( hadith 6)

Bintukeduaismail: Random sharing ( hadith 6): Assalamualaikum, macam nak kongsi sikit lah mengenai hadis 6. so, basically hadis 6 ni pasal syubhat. Apa itu syubhat? Syubhat itu ialah be...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

It's Just Another Random Rant Post

Sorang kawan aku pernah cakap, kebanyakan orang bertanya bukan sebab dorang betul2 kisah (care), tapi sebab sifat ingin tahu yg kadang2 aku rasa tidak kena tempat dan kadang2 lebih menjurus kepada sikap biadap. Dalam 10 orang yg baru aku jumpa, cuma satu orang atau TIADA yg akan tanya perihal nama aku. Dalam 10 orang yg baru aku jumpa, 9 orang atau SEMUA akan tanya tentang kerja, gaji, dan umur aku.

Bila orang tengok aku, kebanyakannya mesti ingat aku ni masih sekolah atau belajar. Dorang akan tanya, "Berapa umur kau?" dan bila aku kasi jawapannya, dorang akan cakap, "Eh, macam masih muda." atau "Eh, ya ka? Nda nampak oh." dan lepas tu dorang akan tanya pulak, "Suda kawin?" dan bila aku kasi jawapannya, dorang akan tanya, "Kenapa belum kawin? Mesti ko memilih ni kan?" atau "Ada boyfriend?" dan bila aku kasi jawapannya "Iya ka ni?" Bila aku kasi jawapannya, tanya lagi, "Ko kerja apa?", bila aku kasi jawapannya, dorang akan tanya "Bidang apa tu?", bila dikasi jawapannya, tanya lagi "Kerja di rumah? Online business kah?" Bila aku kasi jawapannya, "Ohh... jadi ko buat apa lah?" pastu tanya lagi "Berapa la gaji?" Dan bila dikasi jawapannya, tanya pulak "Gaji tetap ka? Bulan2 memang kena bayar?" dan bla bla bla bla bla bla bla. Dan dalam banyak2 soalan yg dorang tanya tu, macam aku cakap tadi, selalunya tiada pun yg akan bertanya "Siapa nama kau?"

Kenapa orang susah sangat mo tanya pasal nama kita? Benda tu nda penting kah? Kalau nda penting, kenapa kita dikasi nama? Kenapa ibu bapa kita mau penat2 fikir apa nama yg mau dikasi sama anak dorang? Kenapa kita mau penat2 fikir apa nama yg mau dikasi sama anak kita? Kenapa? Segan? Kekok? Janggal? Kalau itu jawapannya (BACA: alasannya), kenapa nda rasa segan, kekok dan janggal pula bila tanya pasal gaji orang lah, pasal status perkahwinan lah, kenapa masih belum ada boyfriend lah apa lah? KENAPA? Ndakah lebih elok dan sopan bila kita mulakan perbualan dengan bertanya nama dulu sebelum tanya benda2 yg lain? Nama panggilan pun cukup lah. Serius aku cakap, aku memang nda suka berbicara soal gaji dan kerja aku terutama sama orang2 yg baru aku jumpa (nama dia pun aku nda tau, tapi macam2 pulak dia tanya pasal aku). Kadang2 memang aku akan sampuk pertanyaan2 dorang tu dengan bertanya nama dorang. "Ratna", "Nas", "Syerina", dan beberapa orang lagi lah yg aku pun nda ingat namanya. Walaupun aku nda ingat, sekurang2nya, aku tanya. Dan banyak2 orang yg aku tanya nama dorang tu, tiada satu orang pun yg aku tanya pasal GAJI. Ada apa dengan gaji? Kenapa mesti orang mau tau? Aku memang nda akan tanya kecuali kalau aku mau apply kerja tu. Ada sekali tu, sorang cashier Giant, di sanalah orang mo bayar barang2 yg dibeli, sanalah juga tanya segala soalan pasal kerja DAN gaji aku. Bukan aku kenal pun! Serius, aku nda selesa dengan soalan2 macam tu dan aku memang terus akan label manusia spesis ini sebagai RUDE, INAPPROPRIATE dan INSENSITIVE.

Rasanya boleh la aku simpulkan apa yg kawan aku cakap tu memang betul. Most people ask questions not because they really care, but because they are curious. Iya. Memang. Semua cuma mau feed dorang punya curiosity atau ego jak. Ataupun mungkin dorang ni adalah pengidap "penyakit" inferiority/superiority complex. Bukan pasal betul2 mau ambil tau atau peduli pun. Iya. Sedih kan bila fikir? People don't care about people. They are curious, but they couldn't care less.

Nah, lain kali, bila ada orang tanya kamu, "Kenapa masih belum kawin?" kamu jawab jak, "Tanyalah Tuhan."


Yo peopleeee!!! I passed my JPJ retest!!! Alhamdulillah.... I was so happyyyyy I AM happyyyyy :D :D :D Kepada Encik Pegawai JPJ yg test aku semalam tu, kaulah yg paling hensem di dunia ni!! Hahahahaha thank youuuuuuu :) :) :) I can't wait to get my hands on my P licence!!! :D :D :D

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Randomly Ranting

It's 9.13 PM. I just finished another can of the Verve energy drink my Aunt Tipah brought. Maybe I shouldn't have. I'm at my granma's. I was home alone the whole day. My Aunt Inah and her husband arrived at Maghrib. My Aunt Tipah, Ucu and their kids have flown back to KL yesterday. I went back to Sipitang with my Aunt Tam after sending them to the airport. Finally, some peace and quiet in this house. I did write that I hate feeling lonely especially in this house before, but... I've had enough of my nuisance cousins. So, yeah, I'm glad they're gone. Fuh. I don't really have anything to write, but I feel like writing. I know I'd better use the time I have to continue translating E***a's thesis abstract, but..... I simply don't feel like doing that. She asked me to e-mail it back to her by the beginning of this week, but I dunno, I just don't feel the sense of urgency to do it. Actually, I have done the translation for the same abstract like I dunno, so long ago, and E***a mentioned it too. But she said she lost it and that there are some changes anyway. Urgh. Why did I agree to it? It's actually not much, just a few paragraphs, but I dunno, I guess I'm just lazy. Really? If I'm really lazy then why the heck am I doing what I am doing right now? Why am I not in bed? Maybe I'm just being a bad friend. Or maybe I'm just sick of having people expecting or wanting something from me. Whenever someone texts me it's because they want something from me. Money. Time. Energy. I didn't mean to "mengungkit", but I'm just a human being with limited resources even for myself. Is it a sin for me to feel sick and tired of it all?

To add to that, J*n recently assigned me another DARS task. So I have 2 DARSes and 1 WARS to write now. Both DARSes have the same deadline. Stupid, I know. But I agreed to it. I don't know why. B*********y people have always sucked at delegating tasks anyway. So perhaps, I'm used to it. So far, I'm doing pretty good. A*qa even told me that my writing is good and that they hope I could be promoted as a SMRA soon. How do I feel about it? Honestly, I think it's great! I'm fine with the writing tasks because it makes me feel like I could be counted on, dependable, able. It somehow boosts my confidence and whenever I produced a good report I felt good, satisfied. At least I know that my team is happy with what I'm doing. Plus, I'm sick of ticket clearing. A*na, however, was concerned if they're just taking advantage of me because I never said no. Whenever people ask for my help, I will always say yes. Most of the time, not because I really want to or like to do it, but  because nobody else could. I really need to learn how to say no. No, that doesn't sound right. I really need to practice saying NO once in a while. Yes, that sounds more accurate.

Do I sound like I'm contradicting myself? Or confused? I meant to rant and complain about my work and people, but it ended up very differently. Whatever. Now I better end this entry, finish my laundry and go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be another busy Monday (I will be fasting tomorrow. Puasa ganti) and Tuesday will be my JPJ retest. I really hope I'll pass this time. Insha Allah.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

She's Not Okay

My sister.... She's not okay...... :( I wish I was there to look after her. Maybe I should consider relocating to KL? Or to be exact, Kota Puteri, Kuala Selangor. Should I?

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sunday, June 08, 2014

My Life For the Past 1 Week in Bullet Points

Since I have no time to write lengthy, wordy posts lately, here are what happened in my life for the past 1 week in bullet points:
  • 1 June - My Aunt Inah got married. Yay!
  • 2 June - Fatin returned to KL
  • 3 June - I failed my JPJ test (the road part. Wait, what???). The retest will be on 17 June. Please please please wish me luck!
  • 7 June - Farhan got engaged and after the event, which took place in Sabindo, I went back home with mama
  • 8 June - Went out to KK for some errands: Went to Karamunsing to send my laptop to the place I bought it from to activate my Microsoft Office. Asked them to remove the pre-installed Avast antivirus since I installed the McAfee antivirus as this could cause the computer to crash or slow down but apparently they uninstalled BOTH. Luckily I found out that my computer already has a built-in antivirus, which is Windows Defender, and I don't need antivirus from other provider(s); Bought some personal necessities such as lotion, facial foam, facial moisturiser, deodorant, etc etc; Had lunch at Singapore Chicken Rice (SCR) - the food and drink were nice; Went to Centrepoint; Purchased a ticket to the movie Maleficent; Went to Coffee Bean for a drink while waiting for the movie time; While at Coffee Bean, I found out from Fatin's boyfriend that she fell down the stairs at my Aunt Tipah's house (she went there yesterday to take her stuff back to Unisel today. My Aunt Tipah and her kids are still at my granma's). I immediately called her and she said that she wasn't wounded but she did hit her head on the floor a little. Little or not I'm still worried okay!!! If I were there I would've taken her to see the doctor PRONTO! Because of the fall, she didn't go back to Unisel today and will only go back tomorrow with a taxi. I told her to rest and just skip her classes for a day or two if she doesn't feel well. I'm so worried about her :(; Went to watch Maleficent (I didn't really feel like going anymore after knowing about Fatin's fall but since I already bought the ticket, I went to watch it anyway, with a heavy heart :( ) The movie was good. I loved it; Returned home; Made payment for the owl tote bag I ordered from a former schoolmate

And yup, that's it!

P/S: Whoever and wherever you are that's reading this, I beg for your kindness to pray for my sister's health and wellness. Please please please pray that God will protect her from any serious illness and harm. May God bless you, may God bless us.