Monday, June 30, 2014

Ramadhan 1435H: Day 1

It's Ramadhan again! :D I spent the first day of this year's Ramadhan with my granma. I got back here from KK on Saturday evening. Both my aunts aren't home, so I have to keep my granma company. Good that I'm here, because... My granma couldn't even remember that today we should be fasting, despite the fact that we had sahur together and that she had been reminded about it a few times. She even drank water while I was preparing sungkai meal this evening. I only realised when I saw her washing a glass at the sink. Sigh. So yep, I'm glad to be here with her and I know she is too.

I cooked ayam masak kurma! I can say that it tasted pretty good, considering that it was my first time cooking this dish and the fact that I couldn't taste the taste during the cooking process. Granma seemed to enjoy it. So yeah, congrats for not screwing up dinner Nurul! Hahaha.

What else did I do today? I watched some TV, did my laundry, took naps, and yep, that was it. By the way, I'm watching Napoleon Dynamite. Again. For the 500th time. Or something like that. Ally never returned the DVD to me. Along with some other movie DVDs. But it's okay. Cause I didn't return his DVDs too. Astro has been replaying Napoleon Dynamite lately. I recorded it. So I can watch it anytime I want now. Okay, that's all I think. Vote for Pedro! And uh yeah, happy fasting!

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