Thursday, October 30, 2014

Word of the Day: Serendipity

According to Wiktionary:

1. An unsought, unintended, and/or unexpected, but fortunate, discovery and/or learning experience that happens by accident.

2. A combination of events which are not individually beneficial, but occurring together produce a good or wonderful outcome.

Serendipity is when you find things you weren't looking for because finding what you're looking for is so damn difficult. - Erin McKean

According to

1. An aptitude for making desirable discoveries by accident.

2. Good fortune; luck:
   "the serendipity of getting the first job she applied for."

According to Urban Dictionary:

1. A very good coincidence, often leading to something really awesome.

It was serendipity that I put one quarter in the gumball machine and three came out. :-)

2. A fortunate accident.

I got lost and found a bag of money, what a serendipity.

3. The action of making happy discoveries, by accidents or sagacity, of something not initially in quest of.

'I lost a needle in a hay stack last week, however whilst looking for it I found the farmer's daughter' - I had to consider this (as she was pretty and willing) a stroke of serendipity.

4. Lucky chance

Them falling in love was purely serendipity.

5. Something pleasant or useful found while looking for something else. Inspired by a Persian fairy story, "The Three Princes of Serendip".

I initially wanted to date Moira, but she turned out to be an awful bore and she snorted when she laughed, which I can't stand. She did however get me in touch with a car dealer who makes really cool custom cars, top quality and dirt cheap, three of which I bought within a year. That was a real piece of serendipity.

6. Finding the most amazing guy in the world while he is doing laundry on your hall. aka a happy accident or coincidence. Everything happens for a reason.

As I saw Kevin walking down the hall with his laundry I knew I had to make him mine. Turns out he likes me too and everything falls into place perfectly. Call it serendipity? Or fate?

Thought of the Day


I'm not only anti-smoking, I'm also anti-pornography (or anything close to it). So please be mindful about sending me porn or porn-like content, even if it is meant as a joke, DON'T, save it for your own viewing and amusement. Clearly, you and I have a very different idea about what funny means. Thanks for your understanding.

Peace, love & respect!

Yours truly,
Nurul in Chains

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Word of the Day: Meet-cute

According to Wiktionary:

(narratology) A situation in a film, television series, etc. in which a potential or future romantic couple meet for the first time in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing.

According to

A situation or occasion when potential romantic partners meet for the first time in a charming or amusing way.

According to Urban Dictionary:

Scenario in which two individuals are brought together in some unlikely, zany, destined-to-fall-in-love-and-be-together-forever sort of way (the more unusual, the better).

The way the characters meet in "Serendipity" or "When Harry Met Sally" or at least half the romantic comedies out there.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

October Disaster #2

So last Saturday I hung out with Marwan again. This time we went to October Disaster #2 that was held by The Rebel Union at Karamunsing Room. Headlining the gig was Tres Empre, a 5-piece Post Hardcore band from Kuala Lumpur. The other performers were all local bands from various places in Sabah (mostly Papar if I'm not mistaken), including Prime Focus (Progressive Metal), The Jethroes (Scandi Rock), Eyes Full of Insects and Plumfield (Grunge), to name a few. As usual, I'm too lazy to describe the event in detail, so I will just post some of the pictures taken during the show. Btw, my favourite performers that day were Prime Focus, Plumfield and of course, Tres Empre. It was my first time seeing Prime Focus and Tres Empre on stage (heck, it was the first time I've heard their music as well!) and it was really surprising to find out that I apparently enjoy these two different genre of music. They were really energetic and refreshing to see! Maybe I've gone to too many similar gigs with the same old bands all over again, therefore October Disaster #2 was just what I needed to replenish my dying interest in attending local music events. Cough cough.

Here goes. Sori, malas mo edit. Zzzz....

P/S: Read more about the event on by Bro Langau

Emcee for the day, Bro Langau
Darn Phill (Melodychain's vox) on action
Prime Focus. Sorry for the blurry image(s)
The Jethroes
Tres Empre
Ok, ini tipu jak! :P Kasabian's Sergio Pizzorno photo sourced from Zimbio
And finally, my companion, Marwan! :)

Saturday, October 18, 2014


Image Source: Manufiya Snippets

Kes Kusut: Untangled

Dear Pitty,

Thursday marked exactly 3 weeks after the accident involving Napoleon Dynamite (haven't I told you yet that I named my car after one of my all-time favourite movies, Napoleon Dynamite?) and a white Viva, which his owner R named Botak. In that 3 weeks we have become, well, acquaintances, and so far we have gone out for a movie outing once, together with his friend B who was with him at the time of the incident as well as my girls Farah and No Joke. We are even planning to go out for karaoke this weekend. Or in the near future. Crazy huh?

I guess I (or should I say Napoleon?) was fortunate enough to have been hit by someone who's willing to take the responsibility, well, simply because he was responsible for the accident in the first place. Both I and R were lucky because the accident only caused minor damages to both of our cars. I felt sorry that he had to bear all the repairing costs though, but again, we were lucky because we managed to find a workshop that I believe charged cheaper than most other workshops around KK, thanks to R's other friend who recommended the place to us. Not only that the price was low, they were super fast and efficient too! The result was very satisfactory and I DID NOT expect it to be that neat and clean. Kudos to Uncle Lim! (he's a Chinese muallaf lagi ok!) I must say that I felt a little prejudiced about the workshop at first, because it looks like, ntahlah, I don't even know how to describe the place. Jalan berlopak-lopak, berlubang-lubang, it doesn't look like a decent workshop at all. I was like, "What is this place....? You've got to be kidding me." But I agreed to leave Napoleon in Uncle Lim's hands anyway, something I'm glad I did, because he sounded so confident and something in his voice and manner made me confident in him too. "Perkara kecil jak bah ni", he said. He seemed to have kept his word. Napoleon looks as if nothing had happened to him (at least the part where he was hit). R's car too. He sent his car a week after Napoleon was sent to the workshop though. It took less than 2 days to finish each car. Awesomeness! Syukur alhamdulillah... In the future, should anything like this occurs again, I would already know where to go. I'm even considering sending Napoleon back to the workshop, which is located in Taman Inanam Jaya, to fix the minor scratches on his front bumper and right passenger door. Next month, maybe? Tengok lah camana nanti Pitty.

Looking (as if) brand new! Woohoo!
Would you like to know about something that is more interesting, Pitty? R's friend, B, is apparently one of the well-known bloggers in Sabah. He is in fact the person behind the now inactive We Are Sabahan BloggerMania (WSB) community, which sadly I'm not part of due to my late involvement in the blogosphere. (It was too late for me to join because by the time I wanted to do so, the community is already, well, dead). The Facebook page of WSB, however, is still updated from time to time, based on my observation. And I, apparently, have been following his blog since I don't even know when. I only realized this fact the day after going out for the movie Left Behind, which sucked, with them on Monday night. How did I come to the realization? I think I'll save the deets to myself. I'm so sorry Pitty. That's one of the disadvantages about blogging. You cannot really tell EVERYTHING as there is always that issue with privacy and confidentiality. And I am just not the type who feels the need to attract unwanted attention to my blog or myself as a whole. I think that is also one of the reasons why I still prefer the old-fashioned diary writing as it allows unlimited ability to express, write or doodle without having to consider the feelings or concerns of the other party you are writing or doodling about. The only concern you have with a diary is if someone would find it. And read it. Ironic, isn't it?

I say it's interesting because... of all 911 of his followers, they "bumped into" Napoleon, which happens to be the car of yours truly. Is it fate? It must be. What for and why? I don't know. I cannot tell. It is... almost like a serendipity. It is a serendipity. But it's not love that we found. It's friendship, which I hope is going to last. I have said it many times before Pitty, and I'll say it again. I believe that things happen for a reason, which I may discover soon or years from now, if Allah wills it. There are more things actually Pitty, but I'm sorry again that I think I mustn't disclose to you here. All I can say is that it is very interesting how one event leads to another and what it eventually reveals to me. God really does work in mysterious ways. For now, I'm just happy that I gained new friends instead of foes. And that the "kes kusut" is now untangled. Alhamdulillah. :)

Until next time (Serendi)Pitty! :P

Sincerely yours,