Thursday, March 05, 2015

Just a Random "I Haven't Blogged For a While" Post, Not an Apology.

Hah! I did it again! Time passed, life went on and I didn't blog. But it's okay, it's not the end of the world, no one died because of it, nobody couldn't care less, Nurul. Anyway, it's been around 6 months since I became a car owner. I learned so much about people and how they could be such assholes (or sweethearts) on the road. I learned so much about myself as a driver as well. I made a lotttttttttt of mistakes sometimes it makes me regret buying a car at all. Except for the minor accident that took place in October last year, nothing bad or major happened. Yet. Thank goodness for that. I'm still in the learning process. And I hope I'll become a very, very, very competent driver soon. To be honest, I am not that bad considering that driving was one of my biggest fears before. And if I were to rate myself from 1 to 10 I'd give myself a 6. Not bad eh? Why? Because I never forget to use the signal whenever I'm supposed to (including at roundabouts unlike some people!), I stop at YELLOW light, I'm considerate, I'm patient, et cetera et cetera.

I've also been listening to Lana Del Rey a lot lately. A LOT. I'm listening to Born to Die as we speak. I really, really love her songs. It all started with The Great Gatsby, in which Lana's song Young and Beautiful is used as the main theme song. Okay, I've heard of Lana before but I've never really tried to listen to any of her songs until I saw The Great Gatsby. Then, all the "online stalking" activities began. Her songs, urgh, her songs make me feel like no other songs make me feel. They are beautiful, haunting and sad in a very, very, very feel-good way. She has that genius mysterious air about her, dark, and very enchanting. I LOVE HER. I mean, how many current pop singers do I listen to? None! Except her. There's always a story behind her songs and mostly (if not all) they are about bad relationships (insecurity/dependency issues), which I can very much relate to. And I also love the fact that she used Bradley Soileau (a real hottie!) in 3 of her music videos (Born to Die, Blue Jeans and West Coast).  By using Bradley as her muse in the 3 videos, it created some kind of a continuity which I think is very interesting. I mean, interesting enough for me to scour all the information that I could get on the Internet on whether or not both of them are dating or dated or if they had any emotional connection at all. And maybe, Lana was trying to say that all 3 songs are about the same person. Haha. Anyways, these 3 songs of hers are my favourites (and I've been playing them on loop like a broken record for 3 days in a row now). Gotta go for now! I have to work! Zzzz...

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