Friday, April 01, 2011

Fools (in love), let's get foolish!

Today, the 1st of April 2011, I’m working at another Log Art Gallery shop in Fahrenheit 88. Apparently, my boss has things to do today so I need to replace him until 7.30pm. Nor, whom Auntie Joanne calls Old Nor (we have two Nors working with us. The Young Nor or Nor Kecik comes every Sunday to Coco Shop to replace Auntie Joanne), is on her day off today. Punya men boring sini… Teda customer langsung bah! Thank God I brought my laptop. Even though I don’t have broadband, at least I can watch movies and video clips and listen to music. Plus, I can do some writing thanks to Auntie Joanne for reminding me to bring my laptop haha. And yeah, I need to remind myself to read the MEdSI book I bought the other day. Harap2 dapat oh nanti tu DPLI. It’s my only hope to be able to work in KK (with a decent salary). Oh ya. Semalam I applied for another job at Wolters Kluwer. They’re looking for an Indexer. But it will be in Cyberjaya, not their KL office. Ndak pa lah… Try jak. Untung2 dapat, ok jugak.

Hmm suda la merepek. Mo cakap pasal Ally bulih? Hee… Umm… Things between me and him are getting better. He’s serenading me again. :) *hepi* tu hari dia call and sang for me for about 30 minutes. But aku natau satu pun lagu yg dia nyanyi. I think they’re his own. One song yg captured my attention was Talk to Me. I think that is the title la sebab he kept repeating the words “talk to me” over and over. Siuk… Cair bah cam si taik. Sayang ndak dapat concentrate to what he was singing because… because… time tu… Nasik, YES NASIK, was in front of me watching me with jealous eyes. Huh… Stupid oh aku… I went to see him hari tu last Wednesday. I know I shouldn’t. But… That was what happened. This is the “one more thing” that I have to write about. NASIK. I agreed to his invitation for dinner at Kg Baru. According to him, almost every night dia tunggu aku balik dari kerja di KLCC park tu. He said since I left, he realised that I am the only girl he ever really loved and that aku seja yg bulih kasi dia tu ‘feel’. He said kalau dia kluar with Cida, he doesn’t feel the feelings that I made him feel. He begged me to take him back. He said he wants to ask my hand in marriage and if I agree, dia mo tunang ngan aku dalam beberapa bulan nie. OMG he was out of his senses! Dia ndak ingat meh what he did to me??? Pi jumpa dia balik pun memang sudah a big mistake! Not only that, now he knows where I’m (still) staying and working. Phone no jak la memang aku namau kasi nie. Tapi… aku rasa dia ndak akan kacau aku suda pun pasnie… because… I already made clear to him that I have opened my heart for someone else. OMG. I just received a text message from Ally. Guess what he said? “Dun get me anymore.i don’t want u..”

(after at least 20 minutes)

OMG!!!!! It was an “April Fool” scam from him rupanyaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Jahat ohhhhhhh…!!!! Org menangis2 suda ni tadiii….. Shooooot!!! Kin panas punya budakkkkkkkkkkkkkk urrrrrrgggghhhhhhhh….. but actually… I’m so relieved that he was only joking. What a cruel joke. Jahat oh dia. Cuba kalau betul, it’s not so funny you know. But yeah, he did crack me up. Hahaha. Memang funny pun! Bagus jugak kan ada si Ally ni. I needed the joke. I’m dead bored here! Haha. He’s far away in KK, but he’s soooo close to me. :) auwwww…. I’m sooo smitten by him. Heee… Make me fall for him even more you know. Dang. He may be young, but he really knows how to make me FEEL! :D his playfulness, tu yg siuk tu. He’s adorable, cute, petite, charming. He’s smart. He’s sensitive. Romantic. He’s talented. He sings, he writes, he reads, he draws. OMG. He has EVERYTHING that can melt girls’ hearts. Dang. He really got me. HE GOT ME. God… Please make this lasts. Please, please, please let me get what I want this time. I don’t want this to end… But if You say so, what more in this world that I can do…? Manusia merancang, tapi Kau yg menentukan… Jadi aku redha apa2 pun yg akan terjadi pasnie… I’m just a human being. You are my creator. Aku terima semua yg Kau tentukan untuk aku… Eceh. Tiba2 pulak serius cam si taik. Cheesy tul si Nurul ni. Usah serius kok! Don’t worry, be happy! Just be happy Nurul! After all the tears that you cried, you deserve it! You deserve to be happy, you deserve to have a truthful and honest and kind and loving guy like AA. God… Once again, thank You for bringing him into my life. Thank You, thank You, thank You. Terus ndak jadi tulis pasal Nasik. Ahaha. Biarlah. Nanti2 seja. Don’t wanna spoil my mood. :) and oh btw, happy scamming people! (ceh macam la ada followers! hahaha)

The Scam

Him: Dun get me anymore.i don’t want u..
Me: What are u saying Ally…?
Him: Leave me.
Me: Why…?
Him: Plz I’m begging u.leave me.i have an0ther grl since last month.
Me: U fell in love with someone else..? If that is the reason, then ok.. I’ll go. Saya ndak pernah mo paksa pun. Saya ndak pernah expect apa2 pun. Saya tau jgk sudah from the very beginning, u n me will never be.
Him: Hehe.f0olish april!
Me: Oh. Itu la the girl that u jatuh cinta with? The girl that u mean di fb? “i have no control anymore… I love u” oh. Saya perasan jak la? I thought u were talking about me. I will never believe in love again after this. Thanx 4 everything.. It was really nice knowing u. I really mean it. Have a good life. I wish ur happiness. Take care. (still ndak perasan his msg)
Him: April f0ol!
Me: Omg u’re so cruel! How could u?? Org nangis suda ko tau ka! Nasib baik saya alone jaga kedai ni hari! Jahat ohhhh I hate youuuu
Him: Hahahahahaha
Me: U are so cruel!!
Him: Ahahaha.
Me: Jaga ko nanti!
Him: Ahaha.
Me: Jahat oh… Takpe takpe. Ade hari, ade bas.
Him: Ah!u lmbt!hiihi.huhu.
Me: Eeee ko ni jahat ohhh.. Suda saya ripot sama Kak Nam Lalat Hijau. Sikit lagi mo menangis2 call dia tadi. Humph.
Him: Ahaha.f0olish day!
Me: Ingatkan betul oh tadi… Jahat oh… *jelingan maut dendam kesumat sambil cakar dinding*
Him: Ahahaha.ampas kpala!ahaha
Me: Oooo suka la ko sana aaa.. Ketawa ko aaa.. Gembira la atas kesedihan org lain. Huh. Ndapa ndapa. Ada tu karma. Humph. Pi la sana! Saya tgh menaip journal harian ni. Huh. Kacau seja.

Hahaha. Yeah. What a foolish day. :P

P/S: Can't wait to buy The Strokes' latest album! Gaji cepat la kauuuu!!!

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