I love good books, music, movies and art (although I must say I don't do art due to a lack of talent, which is very regrettable). I enjoy the hustle and bustle of a city, but also love spending time in the warm countryside, sitting on the beach, gazing at the bright, blue sky, watching the sunset. Of course, I love stargazing too! I mean, who doesn't? My soul is nourished by listening to good music and by having deep meaningful conversations with my close buddies. It is one of my biggest dreams to travel the world one day, but I'm going to start with the land where I was born and grew up in, which is Sabah. I am, however, not an adventurous type of girl, therefore if you ask me to go hiking or climbing with you, my answer will be regretfully NO. I have a fear of heights and I also hate feeling tired from climbing. Anything. Stairs. Hills. Mountains. So, bye-bye Mount Kinabalu! :P

I fancy myself as a non-confrontational human being, therefore most of the time I prefer keeping my opinion and feelings to myself (READ: I prefer not saying it to your face, but I am a really big fan of venting/ranting) because sometimes it is just not worth it. I may blog about it though, don't say I didn't warn you! Sometimes, however, I WILL give you a piece of my mind if I find you extremely rude and annoying.

I'm neither a tomboy nor a girly girl. I love pink as much as I love black. I don't wear make-up, high heels, and handbags, but I am NOT against any of them. Band t-shirts, flannel shirts and Converse sneakers is my uniform. I'm neither too friendly nor too unfriendly. But once you get to really know me, you'll know that I'm all around a nice person and would never really mean to hurt anyone's feelings.

Well, that's about it I think. If you find me interesting enough to know more about me (which I doubt anyone will), just ask! I may not bite!

Peace and Love,

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