Sunday, March 18, 2012

Love is Something You Fall Into, But it Will Tear Us Apart

Reached home with a smile on my face. :) Today was FUN!!! I really had a great time walaupun penat. Gosh banyak jugak la stuff kami beli. Hehehe. My friend Ally bought four LP records, and one of them is for me. It's Chicago. My first LP ever! :D On top of that, he gave me two t-shirts, which include Barbara Kruger's "Love is Something You Fall Into". If I'm not mistaken, he bought the t-shirt for me as a birthday gift last year. Sadly, I can't fit into it as it's too small for me. It's S. Lol. Memang bes la today walaupun in the beginning he did make me angry (but not in front of him as I am apparently a good actress hahaha). Bah siapa juga nda marah kalau ko menunggu more than one hour??? Urgh... Kesian Faezah jadi "mangsa" kena mendengar segala "keluh-kesah" aku lololol. Tapi lagi kesian his friend la si Halip. He arrived at Amcorp Mall since 1pm lagi. Kami sampai sana dari Sogo kul 3.30 something. Nasib baik hari ni memang worth it la keluar. Macam lama sudah nda rasa gini :D What else he bought ah. Books... Like, A LOT of books. Aku pun getek beli jugak. Kami beli yg dalam satu kotak ada lima tu. RM49.90 so we shared la bayar. Memang cool gila la the books. The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix. So cool man. And I also bought a pre-loved magazine with the great Morrissey on the cover for him (RM10 ONLY). :D After Amcorp Mall, we went to KLCC. Haha. Pusing2 jap di Kinokuniya then we hung out at the park. The tasik was closed due to maintenance/upgrading reason. Pfft. Took some pictures with the KLCC Twin Tower as background and around 10pm gitu dorang teman aku pi stesyen LRT KLCC. Ah nampaknya I am too tired to write much now. Description telampau simple ni padahal I intended to write "more" tonight. Need to sleep. Ally bilang "Bah bisuk la". Meaning, another outing with him n his friend(s) tomorrow. Haha, didn't expect that. I guess... We are friends again now. I already added him back on FB just now. I really regret saying what I said to him before. I better apologize to him face to face while he's still here. He's leaving on Monday. Um. Although memang at some point, he really did hurt me before, but I was not supposed to say what I did. Ntahlah. Maybe sebelum ni sebab kami jauh ba. Kalau berSMS, bukannya tau tone tu sebenarnya camana, reaksi muka n everything. Time depan mata, I don't feel and think that he's an asshole at all. Maybe I was the one who was being a jerk at that time. I was really really mean. He's kind, well-mannered and really thoughtful. I didn't feel awkward at all today (thanks to Halip for joining us lol. Mula2 Ally bilang Halip nda jadi ikut suda hee). Gosh. Is that hunger that I'm feeling right now in my stomach? I gotta be kidding myself. Ah. Jangan dilayan (lagipun teda suda makanan jugak kalau mau layan pun hahaha). OK la, I'm tired la. Nanti la sambung. Jum tidur. Sebelum tu, cam biasa, LAGU. :P zZZzzZZZzzZZZzZZZzz...

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