Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Honest and Unmerciful

Alrighttt... I think I can spare some time to blog now. Nasib baik lah Ria mintak the PH team help me with Acer backlogs. Kalau ndak, memang lah 24/7 aku buat kerja ni. Syukur... And today I am supposed to be at Joanne's farewell lunch, but I couldn't go as it was raining. You seriously think I would want to go through the rain for the farewell lunch? No way man. Plus, I wasn't really up for it in the first place anyway. So thank you Allah for making it rain this morning haha :D

Faezah just left for Batu Pahat this early afternoon after having lunch with me. Her nikah and wedding ceremony will be held this Sunday, and I'll be going to Batu Pahat on Saturday evening with Ain and Liza. I really hope that my pay will be cleared by Saturday. I need to buy a camera and also Faezah's wedding gift. Lol. Hadiah tu teda problem but the cameraaaa.... Nasib baik I already know which camera to buy lah so what's left for me to do is just go to the Canon shop at Mid Valley and terus beli jak. Haha. This is how the desired camera looks like. :D

The model is Canon PowerShot A3300 IS, which according to Canon Malaysia's official website is priced at RM599, 16MP, with 5X optical zoom, and it offers fish-eye effect along with other effects, plus, it's available in the very colour that I love! <3 Ndak sabar mo pi beli my first camera everrrr hahahaha :D Aku bukannya pro ambik gambar pun. I just point and shoot, so ini pun kira ok la suda nie... Hehehe. Lagipun reviews pasal camera ni ok jugak... Lalalala :) Tu lah awal2 namau beli kan, baru tau. Skarang kena tunggu gaji bulan May masuk plak. Hahahaha. Lepas ni senang la mo blog, ada kamera sendiri sudah. Before this asyik pinjam Ezura punya jak. Hehehe.

It's been exactly 15 days after I moved (back) here in Serdang. I used to live here during my university years. So far, so good. Life's been better as I feel less lonely now. I know it's gonna change again soon once Faezah moves in with Baen. I know this sounds selfish, but I do hope that it's not gonna be too soon. Hee... Well, I think I already got used to being single. I don't moan anymore. I got over it somehow. Although, the past few weeks had not been really good for me, because... urgh this is pathetic. Because Ally has a new girlfriend. I unfriended him last week I think, because I just couldn't stand it anymore. I don't hate him. Of course. I do still wanna be friends with him, but the reason I removed him was to avoid seeing posts about his new girlfriend. I forgot that now Facebook has the feature where we can just simply unclick the "Show in news feed" button. Duhhh... I didn't have to unfriend him, lol. I forgot okay. He might get the wrong impression though. He must think that I don't wanna be friends with him anymore, but... ntah2 dia ndak noticed pun. Haha. What a fool I was in thinking that he might still feel the same way for me. Luckily I've never said anything about my feelings to him. It would've been the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me if I did.

Nasik plak... Well, I think we are what people call "frienemies"? We still see each other occasionally, especially when I need his help with something. I even asked him to go to What-Ever Suits-You! Vol. 4 with me. Lol. What happened to Miss-Independent-who-goes-to-gigs/concerts/events-alone Nurul? Pfft. Ah peduli la bah. Orang mo cakap apa, cakaplah. Asalkan aku tau mana limit dia. Hari tu masa gig di Ipoh tu, I enjoyed myself more than when I was in Mentakab. Yeah... I have to admit that it was because Nasik was there. Although he wasn't really beside me the whole time, but I felt less self-conscious, I felt more confident, more comfortable, allowing me to enjoy the gig more just like how I used to feel at other gigs before. Pathetic right? But I didn't care because I really wanted to go. Konsert The Cranberries sanggup pulak aku pegi dgn orang yg aku ndak berapa kenal. Lol. You ARE funny Nurul. I guess I'm just seeking for fun, that's all. Kalau bukan dia, mana ada lagi orang yg mau bawa aku jalan2 pi sana sini, pi tengok wayang larut malam, temankan aku pi events camtue. He's so close with me, and I'm really comfortable around him. I can be myself. There's no need to pretend. Too bad. Too bad he's a fuckin' cheater. And I do feel sorry for Shitda, because well, as predicted, he will NEVER change. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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