Sunday, July 15, 2012

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, I went karaokeing with He Who Cannot Be Named (no, not Lord Voldemort) at Song Box Entertainment, AU2 Jusco, Setiawangsa. 3 hours. Despite the sucky sound system, I had fun as I got to sing the songs that I like. Here are the videos of the songs that I sang yesterday (not necessarily in this order). Thanks Groupon!


As for today, I went to watch The Amazing Spider-Man at The Mines. Yes, alone. Fatin said the movie "tidak siuk", buttt... it was okay for me. I enjoyed it. It's between 3 and 4 stars, so I'm gonna give it 3.5 stars or maybe 3.98, because of Andrew Garfield! :P  I promised to myself not to buy anything, butttt.... How can you not buy this and this at only RM39.90 RM9.90 each??? Apart from that, I also bought a new memory card reader. I'm gonna return the broken one that I bought from Low Yat and ask for a refund. What a fuckin' ripoff! I don't care if the shop has the "Items sold are non-refundable and non-returnable bla bla bla bullshit" policy! If you don't want people to return your stuff or ask for a refund then stop selling JUNKS that deserve to be in the rubbish and/or recycling bin!! This was not my first time buying a non-functional item from the shop (I couldn't bother to check the shop's name on the receipt pfft). Only a few months before, I bought a RM10 computer vacuum and went home happily only to find out that the thing didn't (and still doesn't) work. Pfft. Well, at least the detachable broom is useful. *rolls eyes* (Bah sepa suruh juga kan suda tau tu kedai selalu jual barang2 rosak mau juga masih pi beli sana. Baru tau.)

Magazines, CDs, DVDs, and a book that I bought recently
My almost RM36 lunch at Pizza San Francisco sucked. I was disappointed even by the look of the seafood pizza that I ordered. The cold chocolate beverage was a joke. Bottom line is, I am never ever going to Pizza San Francisco again!!! 

No mushroom soup, no nothing, and on top of that, the pizza was burnt. Pfft.
In spite of all that, I enjoyed my weekend! And next weekend is going to be Ramadhan! *excited* :D

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