Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Coldplay Live 2012

I really had a great time watching this (with Siti) at GSC Mid Valley! It stimulates my desire to watch them live for real even more!!! Oh, Coldplay pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee come to Malaysia!!!! Please please please please pleaseeeeeeeeeeee...............

I hope there will be more alike screenings in the future! It's not "perfect" but it's wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better (and more worthy) than some crappy horror movies that I've watched before! It was really an interesting experience to watch a concert film in the cinema, but yeah of course, it's not satisfactory. I want to jump to the music, I want to sing along to the songs out loud, I want other people to sing along to the songs out loud, I want to feel the experience of wearing that Xyloband on my wrist, not just sit there and watch (macam tengok berita di TV pulak zzz). I really hope that I will get to see them live one day. One fine day. I will.


  1. With the dumb local concert regulations we got? I highly doubt it.

    One of the regulations say that performers "must not jump up and down" or something to that effect. So, yeah.... I don't know lah...

  2. really??? jump up and down pun tak boleh??? urghh so not cool. in that case, terpaksa tunggu Coldplay datang Singapore AGAIN. I missed once, I don't wanna miss it twice.