Sunday, April 21, 2013

Si Penjual Pas Urbanscapes 2012

Sunday, 21 April, 2013

Dear Pitty,

Do you remember my post about Urbanscapes 2012 where I watched Sigur Ros live in the mud? Yeah okay, I bumped into the guy who sold the entrance passes to me and my two guy friends last Tuesday after having dinner with Siti and Ash at Jaya One. We just left Carrefour and were leaving Jaya One when I saw him! Instantly, I remembered him and amazingly, he remembered me! He said, "I know you..." Haha, and I said, "Yeah..." and he said "Kat mane ekk?" and I said "Sigur Ros!" Hahaha. Then he asked what was I doing there and I told him that I was having dinner with my friends. I wish I said, "I've been following you", just to see his reaction, but too bad I'm not so much of a flirt. Hahaha. Okay. That's not flirty Nurul, that's creepy. Thank God you didn't. He told me to come see his show one day. I couldn't really hear where, he said it twice but not clear enough for me (pekak badak). YES I WILL OF COURSE. I wonder what kind of show it is. Maybe he's in a band or maybe he acts. Next time lah, when I'm there again. I still have his phone number. When I go to Jaya One again I will have an "excuse" to text him hahahaha. Itu pun kalau dia masih guna nombor yg sama lah. Actually, I've had a mini crush on him (even before we bumped into each other that night), it's not my fault okay, he's cute! But I knew it would get nowhere, so the "infatuation" went away just like that. I didn't really think about it anyway, and I am certainly not now. I just think it is quite an interesting event of my dull life, so I blog about it. Why not? Another thing that I find really interesting about it is that we didn't even plan to go to Jaya One that night. And the outing was very impromptu. Ash actually intended to take us to Paradigm Mall, but she changed her mind at the last minute because she was worried that we might get lost after stopping by at Petronas for my Maghrib prayer (Ash already prayed before going out). And I certainly did not plan to go to Carrefour. The only reason we went to Carrefour was because Ash suggested it. I didn't need anything. I bought orange juice (straight face). And voila! Who knew I would bump into him! It was unexpected! The timing was just too perfect, don't you think? Hahaha. But... nah. He's too cute for me. Like, out-of-my-league-cute. I bet he has a girlfriend. Of course. Cute guys are always taken. Zzzz....



Hey Stranger!

What have I been up to lately? Nah... Nothing interesting except for Suzie's engagement and Fatin's birthday. I've been back from KK for almost 2 weeks now. If it wasn't for Fatin's birthday, which was on April 13, I would've stayed longer. I didn't cry at the airport like I always did because I know I will be back again soon. Sooner than I thought. Because... Suzie is suddenly getting married on May 31!!! If I knew I wouldn't have gone to her engagement ceremony because I will have to go back again for raya. Kalau harga tiket flight macam harga tiket bas ndapa jugak... Huh... Tengok la camana nanti. I hope the flight ticket price won't be so expensive. And it looks like I have to hold off my plan to go back to KK for good AGAIN. Fatin won't let me. And it looks like I am letting my plan(s) be "interfered" by other people AGAIN. Huh... When will I stop doing that to myself? When will I start doing something that I really want and ONLY for myself? First Nasik. Then Ezura. Then Faezah. Now Fatin??? I really need to learn to be less selfless.

The reason I'm blogging tonight is because I missed it. I really missed the feeling of pouring my heart out to one silly post just to remind myself how sucky my life is. I am a 28-year-old who has no prospects whatsoever, no car, no house (I mean my own real house), barely there savings, no love interest let alone a boyfriend. Pretty much the same as one year ago. In 12 months, I didn't make any improvement in my life. To be exact, I failed to make any improvement in my life. Not even ONE. I still don't have a driving licence, but I'm planning to take it up this May. It should be March according to my plans, but Suzie's engagement and all. Urgh. How could I let this happened? I'm tired of being goal-less y'know. Since my teenage years, I have never been a goal-oriented person. I mean, I do have some goals, but I've never made any real effort to achieve them. That's why I am still the same underachiever people knew a few years ago. Stagnant. Non-changing. I'm sick of living like this, ambitionless, lifeless. The only obvious difference in my life so far this year is the number of books that I've read, which is much much more than the previous year, which is good! And if this counts, I woke up in my hometown on my birthday this year. There was no birthday wish from Nasik, but the first person who did that this year was ALLY, compared to none last year. Yup, yup, that counts! Haha! Nurul, it's time for you to set goals in your life. It's time for a change. And you ARE going to start it with living a healthier life (READ: go jogging every morning, eat less rice, more vegetables and fruits with the hope to lose some kilograms!)

Good night!