Sunday, October 19, 2014

October Disaster #2

So last Saturday I hung out with Marwan again. This time we went to October Disaster #2 that was held by The Rebel Union at Karamunsing Room. Headlining the gig was Tres Empre, a 5-piece Post Hardcore band from Kuala Lumpur. The other performers were all local bands from various places in Sabah (mostly Papar if I'm not mistaken), including Prime Focus (Progressive Metal), The Jethroes (Scandi Rock), Eyes Full of Insects and Plumfield (Grunge), to name a few. As usual, I'm too lazy to describe the event in detail, so I will just post some of the pictures taken during the show. Btw, my favourite performers that day were Prime Focus, Plumfield and of course, Tres Empre. It was my first time seeing Prime Focus and Tres Empre on stage (heck, it was the first time I've heard their music as well!) and it was really surprising to find out that I apparently enjoy these two different genre of music. They were really energetic and refreshing to see! Maybe I've gone to too many similar gigs with the same old bands all over again, therefore October Disaster #2 was just what I needed to replenish my dying interest in attending local music events. Cough cough.

Here goes. Sori, malas mo edit. Zzzz....

P/S: Read more about the event on by Bro Langau

Emcee for the day, Bro Langau
Darn Phill (Melodychain's vox) on action
Prime Focus. Sorry for the blurry image(s)
The Jethroes
Tres Empre
Ok, ini tipu jak! :P Kasabian's Sergio Pizzorno photo sourced from Zimbio
And finally, my companion, Marwan! :)

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