Saturday, April 18, 2015

Inner Conflicts

I have this tendency to say something that cuts people (maybe deeply, maybe not) and I'm sorry for being that way, I'm sorry that sometimes I don't laugh at your jokes, I'm sorry for being such a sensitive person that I can become insensitive. I don't like this situation. If I did or said something right, why do I feel like I'm the bad guy? I hate confrontations. I wouldn't say that to your face even if I wanted to. Maybe I am a hypocrite all along. Because I've never really felt that comfortable with being a so-called brutally honest person anyway. No, I'm not honest at all. If I really were an honest person I would've told that guy who is now happily married with his beautiful wife and is also a father to a cute baby boy that I was truly, deeply, madly in love with him in the first place. If I were really an honest person I would've admitted to myself that yes, it still hurts me to see that my ex is happy with his girlfriend and soon-to-be-wife, that it still affects me to see that they are having a better life than mine, that I'm still vulnerable to the old wound that he had caused me, and that I am honestly unhappy that I'm still single at the age of 30. I'm not an honest person and I am honestly sorry if I have made you think I am.

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