Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sikit Lagi Femes

Hah! It's been slightly more than a month now since I last blogged. So many things happened and are happening. It's probably gonna need a few days for me to do a recap of things that happened in my life within the past 30 days. Faezah is getting married (THIS WEEKEND), Siti quit B*********y and rejoined Esmerk, I moved back to Serdang, Ally got a new girlfriend, and bla bla bla bla bla. I'll break it down in probably a few posts. And not forgetting, I also need to write about the gig that I went to earlier this month, which was "Smells Like Girls Spirit". :)

OK, all that has to wait as I wanna write about what happened today first. Well, it was another ordinary day for me. Buat kerja macam biasa n bla bla bla. I'm still waiting for my Spongebob bedsheet that is supposed to have arrived last Friday. Urgh... Some technical mistake (by the sender) occurred and I need to wait until this Friday for it to be redelivered to me. Nasib baik PosLaju agreed to resend it to me (for the third time!) at a different address (my house address) instead of Faezah's office. Huh...

A very embarrassing thing happened today too. I found out that my stupid blog had been "discovered" by the GGB people. Arrggghhhh malunyaaaa..... This blog is not really meant to have an audience as I am only writing for myself. They read my "KAMI MAHUKAN GRUNGE, Jangan Tipu Kami!!!" post. It's so embarrassing as it is so simple and stupid and lacking depth and I didn't even give credits to the bands involved appropriately. Like I said, I write for myself, for my own record. But... in some extent, I have expected this anyway. It was just a matter of time until they "caught" me. Well, I'm not really a blogger or critic or some kind of music journalist or whatever, so it doesn't really matter. What I think or say is not really important as I am a nobody. I'm just a random girl who comes to gigs that nobody really knows about. A wallflower, a misfit, an outsider, the "enemy". I write what I see, what I hear, what I feel. This is the only platform that I have where I don't need to consider other people's feelings as this is my space. My personal ranting space. I don't need to apologise. People are welcome to read what I write in it, however, they must realise that they have no right to whatever the shit that I write about. Like Lester Bangs said to William Miller in Almost Famous, "You should build your reputation on being honest and unmerciful." Honest and unmerciful. Yeah. And like Faezah said to me, "I hope you can retain the same boldness and originality in your blog writing after this." Hell yeah, I will.

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