Monday, April 09, 2012

KAMI MAHUKAN GRUNGE, Jangan Tipu Kami!!!

Hahaha. Guess what I was doing on my birthday eve??? I went to "KAMI MAHUKAN GRUNGE, Jangan Tipu Kami!!!" gig, which was held at Arjuna Studio in Mentakab, Pahang. Yes, MENTAKAB, PAHANG. Crazy huh? Instead of the 3PM bus, I took the 12pm bus to Mentakab with Key Din and Syed Aiman, whom I have never communicated with before. Lol. I don't know who these two people really are, but apparently, everyone at the gig knows them, especially Key Din, who was the co-MC during the gig. The other MC was Shibo, a Korean-looking girl I knew through Facebook (ah semua pun dorang aku kenal dari Facebook lol and apparently everybody knew everybody through Facebook/Gerakan Grunge Bangkit (GGB) too hahaha), and who was also one of the gig organisers. The journey took around 1 hour and 30 minutes. Once we reached Mentakab, the three of us went to have our toilet breaks and then Key Din bought waffles for me and Syed Aiman, and a cup of ice-cream for himself. 8D We were picked up by two guys, who are members of a band yg aku nda ingat namanya. Lol. Yeah yeah, I am such a bad blogger. Hahaha. According to the flyer, the gig was scheduled to start at 2pm, tapi biasalah kan, janji Melayu. (urgh I tried so hard not to say this but tercakap jugak haha).  Tapi understandable jugak lah sebab venue tu jauh, ada bands sampai sesat2 lagi. So in the end, it officially began at 5.30pm. Tipah tertipu bang!!! Hahahaha. Sudalah tempat tu cam terpencil skit, teda kedai pun nearby. Nasib baik dorang ada provide BBQ. FREE OF CHARGE. But I only ate two pieces of chicken and one piece of sausage. Bukan sebab aku nda lapar, ya, aku lapar. Cuma aku segan mo turun bawah pi ambik makanan. Buduh kan? Hahahaha. The gig, which featured 17 local bands (although I'm not sure whether all 17 bands were there), ended at around 11pm. Aku nda berapa aware of what happened but time the last band performing their last songs tu, it was in a haste as I heard there were police doing their rondaan outside. But tedala kena ambushed jugak. Hee... After that we all ramai2 went to eat our late night supper, which was my first proper meal for the day, at one restaurant ni yg specialtynya ialah nasik ayam berlada. Walaupun teringin, but I didn't order it sebab aku bukannya tahan pedas sangat. My dinner was non-spicy nasi goreng paprik with teh o ais. I can't believe that I spent my birthday night with this massive group of people that I don't even know. Not only people, but BANDS, you know, well-known bands in the local underground scene. (ceh, poyonya bunyi lol). Something different ey? Most of the time, I spent my time listening (and eating of course) to what they were talking about. Some of them were joking and teasing each other non-stop, some of them were talking about the gig, the bands and people involved, some of them were talking about GGB, and some of them were even gossiping. I spoke only when required, as in when they asked me things like where I'm staying, where I'm from, who I'm staying with, how long have I been living in KL, how old am I, where I studied, where I'm working, normal boring stuff like that. Hehe. Since my last breakup with Nasik (sumpah ini last!!!), I've been going to gigs/concerts/events alone. And you know what? As pathetic and sad as it may sound, I think it gives me a great opportunity and experience to get to know new people, new friends, you know. Sebab before this, kalau teda Nasik, aku memang nda akan pegi la apa2 event pun, even though aku tersangat sangat sangat mau pegi. And kalau pegi ngan Nasik, aku memang nda akan make any effort to converse with people. Sekarang, there's no limitation anymore. I am breaking all the rules (that I invented for myself before),  I am breaking out of my comfort zone, I STAND ALONE. Yeahhh... :) Moshtapha Beng Beng gave me and the others (Juan, Shibo n her fiance Riz Xan)  a lift home from Mentakab last night. It was so nice of them to keep me company during the whole day of the event, even though I felt left out sometimes. Or perhaps most of the time. Haha. All in all, the gig was a success, although adala jugak kekurangan dari segi pengurusan here and there, gotta give them credit for their hard work. Everybody had fun, so OK lah. It's what gigs are all about anyway. HAVING FUN. :) I think the best performer was Instake. They did a cover of Foo Fighters' Everlong (or was it two or three?), and a couple of Nirvana's. Tapi satu gambar dorang pun aku ndak ambik. Bodoh kan? And I believe that I did take some pictures of the other bands, but ntahlah, gambar2 tu error plak. Pfft. Haha whatever lah!

Moshtapha Beng Beng, Riz Xan, Shibo
Iqa! :-)
Rishi Majimbo, Soma's Vocalist

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