Saturday, November 03, 2012

Pretty Bad Friday

I had a pretty bad Friday today. I sucked at my job, I didn't eat anything until 9.30pm, I flipped with Ally and said things that I had been keeping inside my system for a very long time but never really meant to say. I pretty much had a sucky day. But it's okay, because I'm gonna have a blast tomorrow!!!! I'm going to JB for KAMI MAHUKAN GRUNGE JANGAN TIPU KAMI !!! - PART KA-DUA. Oh yes I promise myself that I will have fun like nothing else matters tomorrow! I WILL.

However, I'm gonna miss TWO of Zip Zieller's shows... :-( One is tomorrow night at Uniten and another one is on Sunday, Pertandingan Raja Band Kuala Lumpur. I really really really really want to go to both shows but the thing is... I don't know... Maybe it's because I have no one to go with again... In fact, I've already considered not to go to JB and go to Uniten instead, but................. ntahlah. But don't you call me BUKAN ZIPPER TEGAR!!! I AM!!! It's just that I wish I had someone to accompany me. Faezah balik BP and I don't wanna be spending another weekend alone okay!!! Sometimes a loner does need some company too! Hahahaha. Another event that's gonna be held on Sunday is Laguna 10 Anniversary Party at Club Neverland, somewhere in KL. Ada niat mo pegi jugak, sebab ada Damn Dirty Apes, Sevencollar T-shirt, Love Me Butch, Subculture, etc. Band mantap2 ni semua. Tengoklah camana besok. Kalau sempat. Huh... Tapi memang rasa terkilan nie sebab Zip Zieller tu..... It's your choice Nurul, and you chose to go to JB. Macam buduh pulak kan. Tapi ntahlah. :(( Apa2 pun, I'm gonna enjoy myself tomorrow, forget all the unhappy thoughts and just have fun! For the good times! Yeah! :D

Untuk Zip Zieller, aku ucapkan SELAMAT MAJU JAYA, SEMOGA BERJAYA! :D

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