Sunday, June 08, 2014

My Life For the Past 1 Week in Bullet Points

Since I have no time to write lengthy, wordy posts lately, here are what happened in my life for the past 1 week in bullet points:
  • 1 June - My Aunt Inah got married. Yay!
  • 2 June - Fatin returned to KL
  • 3 June - I failed my JPJ test (the road part. Wait, what???). The retest will be on 17 June. Please please please wish me luck!
  • 7 June - Farhan got engaged and after the event, which took place in Sabindo, I went back home with mama
  • 8 June - Went out to KK for some errands: Went to Karamunsing to send my laptop to the place I bought it from to activate my Microsoft Office. Asked them to remove the pre-installed Avast antivirus since I installed the McAfee antivirus as this could cause the computer to crash or slow down but apparently they uninstalled BOTH. Luckily I found out that my computer already has a built-in antivirus, which is Windows Defender, and I don't need antivirus from other provider(s); Bought some personal necessities such as lotion, facial foam, facial moisturiser, deodorant, etc etc; Had lunch at Singapore Chicken Rice (SCR) - the food and drink were nice; Went to Centrepoint; Purchased a ticket to the movie Maleficent; Went to Coffee Bean for a drink while waiting for the movie time; While at Coffee Bean, I found out from Fatin's boyfriend that she fell down the stairs at my Aunt Tipah's house (she went there yesterday to take her stuff back to Unisel today. My Aunt Tipah and her kids are still at my granma's). I immediately called her and she said that she wasn't wounded but she did hit her head on the floor a little. Little or not I'm still worried okay!!! If I were there I would've taken her to see the doctor PRONTO! Because of the fall, she didn't go back to Unisel today and will only go back tomorrow with a taxi. I told her to rest and just skip her classes for a day or two if she doesn't feel well. I'm so worried about her :(; Went to watch Maleficent (I didn't really feel like going anymore after knowing about Fatin's fall but since I already bought the ticket, I went to watch it anyway, with a heavy heart :( ) The movie was good. I loved it; Returned home; Made payment for the owl tote bag I ordered from a former schoolmate

And yup, that's it!

P/S: Whoever and wherever you are that's reading this, I beg for your kindness to pray for my sister's health and wellness. Please please please pray that God will protect her from any serious illness and harm. May God bless you, may God bless us.

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