Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Another Rare Productive Day :)

Dear Pitty,

Today has been a good day for me in terms of work. I finished all my work, ALL, which means including backlogs for 1-21 May 2013 as well as today's workload before 6pm. It really made me feel so good, and unless this, today is just another ordinary day of my very boring life. I don't really have anything to write about today, except that I'm happy with my productivity today. I hope that it will be a continuous thing and I don't want my TL to keep bringing up the same issue over and over again. I am sick of being labelled as non-productive (although sometimes it wasn't really my fault but I'm not saying that I'm 100% not guilty). I want to prove to everyone, especially my TL, that I am able to complete all my tasks as required. I had actually shown a major improvement back in February, but my productivity was hampered to some extent because they assigned the C i t i Daily Analytical Report Summary (D A R S) to me. (Luckily they handed it back over to the original writer last month, fuh~). The same thing happened many times before because I was a backup writer for my ex-colleague Jay. I don't mind having to do any extra work, in fact, I am VERY glad because it somehow shows that they have faith in me, that they think I am reliable. The thing is, I feel that I wasn't given enough credit for all the extra work that I've done or the help that I've given because it was never properly highlighted in the monthly evaluations. And in my defence, I was the only S M A in my team who had to write the D A R S, while the others only had to do their usual tasks and were always praised for their productivity and good enough performance. I wasn't even paid for the extra work I've done, let alone compensated for any additional annual leave (for the weekends that I worked on). So I really believe that they have done me injustice in "accusing" me of being non-productive. I did my best. I'm not really expecting for any reward (although the annual bonus would be nice), but at least give me some recognition or credit for the hard work I have done. I mean, c'mon, I pay for my own Internet connection, electricity bills, and I use my own machine. These are not provided or paid for by the company, so gimme a break people. Maybe I should ask for a salary raise. Do you notice that this blog entry has turned from I-had-a-really-productive-day post into yet another ranty one Pitty? Yeah, maybe I really should ask for a raise.



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