Monday, June 03, 2013


Dear Pitty,

So I went to watch KIL as planned today. It was a nice movie, I enjoyed it. Of course, most movies can't run from the boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love cliche, but yeah, it was enjoyable enough for me although it had loopholes here and there. The attraction (for me) was the girl, whom I didn't think was actually my age. I saw in someone's blog just now that Christina Suzanne Stockstill, the actress who played Zara in the movie, is actually 28! Woah! I thought she was 22 tops! Okay la, maybe masa film shooting tu she was not 28 yet, because I've read about this movie a couple of years ago. Lagipun bila aku tengok gambar2 terbaru Christina tu, she looks quite different from how she looked like in the movie. She now looks skinnier. But pretty all the same. She is a "hybrid" of Malay and German! No wonder she's so pretty.... Huh.... *girl crush* KIL is actually not her first film. She acted in My Indie Rock Darling (2006) before. I've never seen it and am too lazy to google for it, so please, help yourself. She also did several TV series which include Bicara Hati (also starring Josiah Hogan, the vocalist of a local grunge band, Maddame). I'm not gonna write what's the movie about since I know would be redundant but I'm gonna write about what I think about the movie. KIL is both predictable and unpredictable. Predictable because everyone knows even before watching the movie that the boy is not really going to kill himself or gets himself killed because he will fall in love with the girl. Of course. Also, I could guess that Life Action Bureau (LAB), the company which provides the "solution" for people who no longer want to live (READ: kill them), actually provides a service of total opposite when Akil (Redza Minhatwent to see the company's consultant, a character played by Harun Salim Bachik. However, Zara's character did make the plot tricky. I knew that the company doesn't actually hire agents to kill its clients but I wasn't sure what to make of Zara. And this is where it's unpredictable; I was surprised to find out that Akil actually had only been imagining that his younger brother and mother were still alive. Akil lost them both in a car accident (he was the one driving the car). There was no mention about what happened to his father though or even if he ever knew his father at all. So Akil lived all alone since his mother and brother died. If I had been more observant, I would've been able to see the foreshadow (hints that Akil actually has nobody in his life anymore) when he was having that conversation about suicide with Zara on the rooftop. In the conversation, Zara said that people who committed suicide are selfish because it would only make their family and friends suffer, but Akil disagreed by saying that perhaps they really had nobody in their lives. The happy ending is well, yeah, expected. Overall, I give the movie 3.5 stars out of 5 and if it didn't have a happy ending I would give it 1.5 star. Hehe. There, my poor little summary of the movie. I actually intended to write about my outing today, but tiba2 melalut pasal movie ni plak. Okaylah, malas sudah, mau tidur. Bisuk kerja. Good night Pitty!

P/S: Kili is a Sabahan term for a silly person and it is often used as a negative remark but in a joking manner



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