Saturday, June 01, 2013

What Happened to Snazzy?

Dear Pitty,

I logged in to Blogger today with the intention to look at my pretty blog (ceh, pretty la sangat) and of course to write something. Then suddenly it only shows black background. I thought it had something to do with the html codes but when I tried to open, where I got the template, Firefox said that the site could not be found. I tried opening it using Google Chrome, same result. Huh.... I hope this is only temporary. I hope they are just updating the site. But what's weird is that my Twitter account was not affected. I'm using Snazzy theme and header for my Twitter too. Ntahlah. I'll give it a few days. Hope it will go back to normal soon because I am really liking my blog's new face. If it doesn't, then I'll have to find another template. Urgh. I really hope I can find something that I like. Jahatlah. Suda jumpa yg aku suka, jadi camni pulak. Bikin panas.

Okay, enough about Snazzy. I just bought myself a ticket to see KIL, a new local low-budget movie, for the 1.30pm show tomorrow at TGV Mines. At first I intended to go to Mid Valley, but then I thought, malas lah mau pi jauh2. After all, I'm planning to buy some stuff after the movie so, I wouldn't want to carry all those things all the way from Mid Valley back to Serdang later. So The Mines is a better option. I went to TGV Mines twice recently and it wasn't so bad. Hehe, actually it wasn't so recent. It was back in 2012 for The Amazing Spiderman and for the second visit I cannot recall when and which movie. TGV's popcorn and hotdog have always been better than GSC's anyway. Hahaha. So, yeah, I'm gonna enjoy myself tomorrow. I haven't been to the cinema alone for quite some time so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. :-)

Today is actually my mom's birthday. I tried to call her earlier but her phone is switched off. I think she must be in the plane back to KK from Tawau. Ahh my little cousin is a married woman now. Alhamdulillah... I'm happy for her. I hope that Allah will bless her marriage and may she and her husband have a prosperous and beautiful life together. Can't believe that I'll become an aunt soon, insyaa Allah... :-)

Oh ya, looks like I'll be spending my weekend with my aunts next week. Macik Tam is having her convocation on June 7 in Putrajaya, so Macik Tipah asked me to join them for a few days. The plan is to stay at a homestay for 2 nights until Saturday. I found a few suitable places via ibilik earlier (Macik Tipah asked me to help her look) and already sent the links to Syasya (Macik Tipah's eldest child). I hope that she will find one of the two places I suggested okay enough for them. I mean, for us. I can't say that I look forward to next weekend, but... ndapalah.... Since I rarely involved myself in such family gatherings before, so... Alright alright, I'll go this time. How bad could it be anyway right?

Oh ya, one more thing, I almost forgot, I finally finished reading Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl this morning. I would've finished it sooner if I didn't leave the book in Fatin's bag when she spent the weekend at my place in April. The ending was heartbreaking (not as bad as how Heavier Than Heaven: The Biography of Kurt Cobain made me cry though). She died soon after her elder sister, Margot, died at the end of February or early March 1945 at Belsen (a Nazi concentration camp) where the prisoners weren't provided with food or even water. So I suppose, Anne, her sister, and their mother died of starvation. Anne's last diary entry was on August 1, 1944 where she wrote about her having a dual personality, good and bad, and that her bad side, which she described as "a flirt, know-all, cheerful, high-spirited, making fun of everything, taking everything lightly, giving cheeky answers, shrugging shoulders indifferently, and behaving as if she doesn't care," was the more dominant side of her. According to Anne, the real her was the total opposite. She said that she tried to show people her good side, her "deeper" side, but it was too frail for the bad side so it was never present when there were other people around, but it was almost always the predominant one when Anne was alone with her good and bad Annes. You see, all these descriptions about her having a dual personality and whatnot showed that she actually didn't really think that their hiding place, the "Secret Annexe", would be found by the Gestapo. She didn't really see it coming, although that wasn't the case a few months or years previously. She was all hopeful and cheerful about the thought of the war ending soon, about the thought of going back to school in October 1944 in her earlier diary entry. Heartbreaking isn't it, Pitty? It left me wondering, when would be my last blog entry? And what would I be writing about?


P/S: This is my 100th entry by the way

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