Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Good News vs Bad News

Yesterday, I received both good and bad news.

The good news was, my aunt whom I call Ucu, had given birth to a baby girl, her 4th child, my new cousin. Syukur, alhamdulillah, both mommy and baby are safe and healthy. :)

The bad news was, my sister Fatin may have to see a brain specialist or a neurologist if she continues to have headaches. Severe headaches. I don't know how bad the condition of her headaches is, but, she told me that her roommates told her that she had been screaming in pain for the last several nights due to her headaches. Yep, they told her. Meaning, she wasn't even aware of the late night screaming she made. She was down with fever a couple of weeks ago (on her birthday) and was given medications accordingly by the doctor. She went to see the doctor again when she didn't seem to get better from the headaches. The doctor gave her migraine medications and advised her to come back if the headaches won't go away. Well, the headaches didn't go away. As advised, she went to see the doctor yesterday and the doctor gave her more powerful migraine medications. If she still keeps getting the headaches, the doctor said she would need to go to the hospital to see a neurologist. 

I'm so worried. So effing worried. She's coming home for her mid-semester break this early May. I will take her to see Dr Ganesh with mama. And perhaps buy her a new pair of spectacles or just upgrade the degree because that could be one of the reasons of her headache. Gosh, I really hope it's nothing serious. But serious or not, this matter should not be taken lightly. I hope that it is just a normal headache. Or migraine. Or whatever. As long as it's not what I'm trying to wash off my mind right now. :(


  1. Sorry to hear that babe. :( Hope the headaches will be gone after the glasses degree are upgraded. Praying for good news from the doctor. And congrats on your newborn cousin :)

    1. thanks for the kind wishes babe... yeah.... I'm really hoping that it's nothing.... dalam family sy my mom je la yg ada migraine. used to actually. it was bad but now macam dah takde. nasib baik la tak lama lagi Fatin balik. so at least we can look after her while she's here.

    2. Yeah good thing she's going back soon. Kesian Fatin. My prayers are with her.