Sunday, April 20, 2014

Learn to Drive: Day 10

Everything went very well today I must say. I even did the hill without Encik Sabri sitting beside me TWICE, so yeah, I felt pretty good! :D I was like, "I LOVE YOU ENCIK SABRI!!!" Hahahahaha. I just need to make sure that the front tyres won't go past the yellow line next time. I'll do better in the next session, this I promise! I'm really glad that Encik Sabri is my replacement instructor. Of all 3 instructors that I've had sessions with (Saiful, Hamdan and Sabri), Sabri is by far the best! He doesn't make me feel so rigid or awkward or intimidated, I mean, he makes me feel comfortable, and when I feel comfortable, I listen to the instructions better and when I listen better, I execute better and the result will be better of course! I like Encik Sabri and I hope he continues to be my instructor until pre-test time. No offence to the other 2 instructors, they are okay but... I don't think I learned much from them. Especially Saiful who calls me Najwa because he doesn't know my real name, zzzz... I feel like the first 4 hours I had with Saiful was wasted because he didn't really teach me anything. During the first class, he asked me to practice the gears (without driving the car) and after around 30 minutes he asked me to go home. I was like, wait, what? That's it? I was prepared for more than just playing around with the gears for 30 minutes okay! Zzzzz..... For the following sessions, he pretty much just asked me to drive around the circuit alone and without proper guidance. Only during the 5th hour that I had my first session with Hamdan, who is actually the instructor that I self-picked. And I had the 2nd session with him a few days before I went to KL. So actually, Hamdan only taught me the 3-point turn for 2 hours, and the rest was handed over to Encik Sabri because of the reason already mentioned in my previous post. Since my 10 hours has ended and I have yet to learn the final route, Encik Sabri asked me to consult with the Akademi Memandu Sipitang office staff on how I should proceed next. I'll call the office and Hamdan on Tuesday and see how it goes from there.

Did you notice that I kept addressing Encik Sabri as "Encik Sabri" and I didn't address Hamdan and Saiful as such? Well, I don't know. I don't mean to be rude or biased to the other 2 instructors, but Encik Sabri earned it. I feel like I owe him so much because he did this only as a favour for Hamdan. And it was with him that I succeeded at the hill, which is the most difficult part of all, in addition to side parking AND 3-point turn. So I think calling him "Encik" is the least that I could do to show my appreciation and RESPECT. If I knew, I would've picked Encik Sabri in the first place. Huh... I really can't wait to get my P licence. I just wanna get this done and over with.


  1. Glad you found a really good instructor babe :)

  2. hee yeah glad I did! gonna resume my driving class this weekend. my hours dah habis actually. but I don't have to pay for the extra classes. yay! :D