Saturday, April 12, 2014

Learn to Drive: Day 7

Today I learned the hill and did more practice on the 3-point turn. A different instructor taught me today as my original instructor, Hamdan  a.k.a. Boy, won't be available for the time being. I was informed by him that he's staying in KK for a while after his wife's labour. Doing the hill was not as easy as expected. I thought that it would be the easiest among the 3 parts; hill, side parking and 3-point turn. Boy, was I wrong. I still couldn't figure out when is the right time to release the clutch and hand break. Theoretically speaking, I know that I need to release the clutch pedal and press the accelerator pedal slowly and simultaneously and that I must release the hand break once the clutch pedal is fully released. For some reason, I still couldn't get my timing right. I tried many times and failed every time. I, however, am aware that my mistake was that I didn't push the accelerator pedal enough for the car to move forward. That's why the engine kept dying. I must be able to change this tomorrow. I MUST! I don't think that the replacement instructor looks forward to teaching me again though. I hope that by the time Hamdan returned I would have already mastered the hill and 3-point turn. At least. Doing the 3-point turn was easier this time, but it was still not perfect. But I believe that I did it better than last time. I really can't wait to get my P licence. I WANT IT. I WANT ITTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!


  1. All the best babe! You can do it! :D

    1. ahaha ada pulak Siti comment kat sini. hee I'm feeling a little embarrassed pulak now. but, thanks babe! yeah I know I can do it! :D